PETA mocks Islam and rightfully gets their asses kicked for being Zionist shit starters

Only a Zionist Jew-run organization would dare make a mockery out of Islam. Makes you wonder who REALLY runs PETA – Ingrid Newkirk, the CIA, or Mossad.


Neil deGrasse Tyson’s GMO shilling is Monsanto playing the “race card” against GMO opponents.

It’s so visible even Stevie Wonder can see this coming a mile away.

When Obama appointed Monsanto executives to head the USDA and the FDA, people were labeled racists for questioning why Obama allowed Monsanto executives to dictate national food policy.

And now that Neil deGrasse Tyson is shilling for GMO foods, once again the establishment is playing the race card against those attacking Tyson for his shilling of GMO foods.

The “race card” is a pathetic and desperate tactic used by the left to bully their opponents into silence.

When Hillary becomes President in 2016, it will be considered misogynist to attack her as a decades-long Monsanto shill dating back to her time working for the Rose Law Firm.

Democrats pretend to be against war and GMOs when a Republican is President. But when a Democrat is President, they discard their facade and suck the Monsanto cock and take the Monsanto cock up their asses with glee. Democrats and Republicans truly are alike in every way. They are cold-hearted, blood-thirsty mongrels.

When Republicans shill for GMOs and blow up brown people in the Middle East, you’re smeared as a “far left greenie” for questioning the safety of GMOs, and you’re smeared as “anti-American” and “anti-semitic” for being against the persecution of Palestinians.

But when the Democrats shill for GMOs and blow up brown people in the Middle East, you’re smeared as a “racist” and a “misogynist” for being against GMOs and for being against the persecution of Palestinians.

America has been taken over by Big Business and Big Zionism.


Why I think cops are delibrately trying to incite violence fron animal rights activists.

Yet another story has come out how a innocent dog has died because of the actions of a cop.

From The Raw Story:

The mayor of Houston has apologized to a family whose nearly blind dog was killed in traffic after a police officer forced them to leave it on the side of the road.

Josie Garcia told KTRK that the family pet Chihuahua, named Guero, was along for the trip when her husband gave a friend a ride on July 13. The men were stopped by a Houston police officer for failing to use a turn signal, and a search of the vehicle turned up prescription medication, which Garcia said belonged to the passenger.

The officer took both men into custody. And when the tow truck arrived, the dog was placed on the side of the road.

“My husband pleaded with the officer to let him call someone to come get Guero, and asked him to call Barc [animal shelter], but he said it wasn’t his problem, that the dog would be fine,” Garcia recalled.

Charges against Garcia’s husband were later dropped, but the family still could not find their dog.

Garcia placed “lost” signs around the area where Guero was last seen, and three days later, she was notified that she could find the dog lying dead on Eastex Freeway. The 14-year-old pet, which was almost completely blind from cataracts, had been hit by a car.

For many years, we’ve been hearing reports about cops killing innocent pets in cold-blooded murder.

So why are they doing this?

It’s a psychological warfare operation. They are deliberately trying to anger animal welfare activists to the point where they cause an animal welfare activist to snap and shoot and kill cops so that the right wing nuts at the Center for Consumer Freedom – and its anti-HSUS propaganda front HumaneWatch – can say “this is proof that animal rights activists are dangerous extremists and need to be rounded up and killed”.

And of course, Alex Jones will go totally conspiracy crazy and claim that PETA paid the animal welfare activist to kill the cops while conveniently denying the fact that PETA is a government operation being used to discredit legitimate animal welfare activists. See, I know more truth about PETA than Alex Jones and his ex-wife who supposedly worked for PETA and supposedly got into the PETA inner circle. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if Kelly Rebecca “Violet” Nichols Jones never worked for PETA and never set foot inside their Nolfolk headquarters.

Yeah I said it. “My wife was a PETA attack dog” is probably another lie created by right-wing spinmaster extraordinaire Alex Jones.


Linux users to be targeted by TSA at international airports?

With the recent news that all international airports will be forcing flyers to power on their laptops and phones at security checkpoints, now word is coming out that the NSA may be targeting Linux users for extra scrutiny.

According to, Linux Journal has revealed that the NSA considers it to be an “extremist forum” on par with right-wing websites such as Infowars and Drudge Report.

According to Linux Journal:

A new story published on the German site Tagesschau and followed up by BoingBoing and DasErste.dehas uncovered some shocking details about who the NSA targets for surveillance including visitors to Linux Journal itself.

While it has been revealed before that the NSA captures just about all Internet traffic for a short time, the Tagesschau story provides new details about how the NSA’s XKEYSCORE program decides which traffic to keep indefinitely. XKEYSCORE uses specific selectors to flag traffic, and the article reveals that Web searches for Tor and Tails–software I’ve covered here in Linux Journal that helps to protect a user’s anonymity and privacy on the Internet–are among the selectors that will flag you as “extremist” and targeted for further surveillance.

More at Linux Journal

So will the NSA and TSA target people who have Ubuntu on their laptops and force them to go through body scanners, patdowns, and strip searches? If the NSA considers Linux Journal to be an extremist website, then it’s a foregone conclusion that when somebody is forced to turn on their laptop at the TSA checkpoints and their laptop boots into Ubuntu, the TSA will pull them aside and demand that Linux users submit to body scanners, patdowns, strip searches and warrantless searches of the contents of their Ubuntu laptops.

Amerika, the land of the fleeced, and the home of the slave.


Mike Adams to appear on Dr. Oz’s TV show.

Just read that Dr. Oz has invited Mike Adams of to appear on his TV show to talk about toxic heavy metals found in some vegan protein powders.

Just let it be known that Mike Adams is a right wing extremist who promotes 9/11 truth, AIDS denialism, Obama birther conspiracy theories, and Sandy Hook “truth” conspiracy theories.

Much like how PETA’s tactics are used by the mainstream media to discredit and mischaracterize legitimate animal welfare activists and legitimate animal welfare organizations as crazy, It is my belief that Mike Adams is a plant and is being used to discredit and mischaracterize opponents of GMO foods and proponents of natural foods as dangerous extremists.


Animal rights activists are actually useful idiots for Big Ag.

I should point out that we need to push for animal welfare. Animal rights is a false dichotomy. Animal rights is not about elevating animals to the level of humanity. It’s about lowering human standards to the level of animals. The animal rights activists know they will never abolish factory farms or “cage free” farms or “free range” farms, so they have been forced to reveal the true agenda of the animal rights movement, and that is the forced depopulation of humans. “Animal rights” has never truly been “pro-animal.” It’s always been “anti-human.” Why do you think the Nazi-like PETA murders healthy dogs and cats at their neo-Auschwitz operation in Norfolk, Virginia? It’s to condition people into accepting mass genocide as normal so that when either America turns into a police state or the whole world turns into a globalist police state, the citizens of America or the citizens of the world will accept the coming mass genocide of “undesirable” humans – humans who refuse to play along with the establishment – as “normal.”

So with that being said, let me explain why I believe animal rights activists are useful idiots for Big Ag:

  1. PETA puts out a “feel-good” message of “compassion for animals” to play on your emotions so you will send them money. It’s just like Alex Jones fear mongering about anything and almost everything so that you will send him money – by buying PrisonPlanet.TV subscriptions or buying merchandise and videos from his InfoWars Store – to fund his so-called “infowar” which doesn’t offer any real solutions. I personally see no difference between Ingrid Newkirk and Alex Jones. PETA and Alex Jones are nothing but psy-ops. They are emotional predators, meaning that they prey on your emotions so they can sucker you in to funding their operations which offer no real change or solutions.
  2. One of the tactics that PETA uses to discredit legitimate animal welfare organizations – such as the Humane Society of the United States – is to engage in ridiculous stunts (including faux “naked” protests while wearing leather), create offensive campaigns (including the “Holocaust on Your Plate” and “Save the Whales” billboards), and sexually exploit women (the aforementioned faux “naked” protests). These tactics have turned more people away from animal welfarism than towards.
  3. When an animal welfare issue makes national news on the mainstream media, most of the news networks feature PETA – and only PETA – as the official spokespeople of animal welfare, knowing that PETA’s ridiculous stunts, offensive campaigns, and sexual exploitation of women helps the establishment to discredit any legitimate reason to believe in or get involved in animal welfare issues. (Once in a blue moon, the Humane Society of the United States will get to be the spokespeople in national news stories. Considering the fact that HSUS and Wayne Pacelle don’t engage in ridiculous stunts or offensive campaigns or sexually exploit women, HSUS actually brings credibility to animal welfare issues.)
  4. PETA allows paid Monsanto trolls to post pro-GMO propaganda on their YouTube videos, and they have blocked people who attack the paid Monsanto trolls. That alone should make you question who PETA actually works for.
  5. PETA will send its paid trolls to attack anybody who questions PETA’s tactics as “industry shills.” Most government shills, intellectual cowards, and fake liberal organizations like PETA use the terms “industry shill,” “conspiracy theory,” or “conspiracy theorist” to shut down any rational debate and discredit criticism of the powerful in government or business.
  6. PETA and other like-minded “abolitionist” animal rights activists such as “Mercy For Animals” openly equate family farms with factory farms. In other words, according to PETA and Mercy For Animals, Joel Salatin and Polyface Farm is as big a threat to animals as Cargill and Tyson Foods. In actuality, Joel Salatin and Polyface Farm is a threat to the Big Ag establishment such as Tyson Foods, Perdue Farms, and Cargill. PETA, Mercy For Animals, and Big Ag are united in their hatred of the family farms.
  7. PETA buys stock in companies such as Tyson Foods and fast food corporations under the false premise that they will use their shareholder status to bring animal welfare resolutions to shareholder meetings. The truth is, PETA doesn’t hold enough shareholder clout to bring any real change to these Big Ag corporations, and they know it. And by owning stock in these corporations, when the stock prices of these animal-abusing corporations goes up, PETA makes money. Yes, PETA actually has the ability to profit from the wholescale slaughter of animals by corporations such as Tyson Foods.
  8. According to the book A Tiger Among the Jungle, PETA and the Animal Liberation Front had some level of CIA protection, and a ghostwriter employed by the CIA wrote one of Ingrid Newkirk’s books.

Now you know the truth about PETA. They don’t work for the animals. They work for Big Ag.