Will Xandros’ reliance on netbook OSes kill the company?

I started using Linux back in 2004 when I downloaded a copy of Linspire 4.5. Although it was a refreshing change from Windows, it just left me wanting more. Later, I downloaded Xandros. It was with Xandros that I truly began as a hardcore Linux user.

In 2005, I acquired Xandros 3 Deluxe. I thought Xandros 3 was a tremendous OS. With the included Applications CD, I was able to install the necessary tools in order to compile and install some drivers for my laptop.

The next year, Xandros 4 came out, and I felt it was a huge letdown. I discovered a bug which made the OS run very slow on my desktop and laptop. It was because of this that I switched to Ubuntu on the laptop. I continued using Xandros 3 on the desktop until I made the decision to switch to Ubuntu on there.

Since then, it seems that Xandros has shifted its focus away from the desktop/laptop users and concentrated on netbook users, starting with the customized Xandros desktop they created for the Asus EeePC. Recently, Xandros has released their “instant-on” Presto OS which they say is intended to bring new life to slightly-older laptops by making the OS completely boot from power-on to full desktop in less than 10 seconds. In addition, Xandros is working on yet another netbook OS using Moblin v2. Add to this the Xandros Server OS and the CNR Warehouse – acquired by Xandros’ acquisition of Linspire in 2008 -and making the CNR client work with the EeePC and Moblin and Microsoft Windows (yes, they are planning on CNR service for Windows), and it looks like Xandros Desktop has been lost in the shuffle.

As I mentioned before, Xandros acquired Linspire in 2008. It was reported in 2008 that Xandros would return Freespire (the free version of Linspire) back to its Debian roots. (The announcement was that Freespire would no longer be based on Ubuntu and would be based on Debian 5.0, aka “Lenny”.) It was also announced that the next version of Xandros Desktop – Xandros 5.0 – would be based on the new Freespire. However, since then there has been NO mention about the future of either Freespire or Xandros Desktop.

Therefore, it does look like Xandros has abandoned the traditional desktop/laptop OS in favor of netbook OSes which I believe have minimal impact in the OS marketplace. I also believe that netbooks are nothing but a mere fad, and I believe that once this fad dies, then the demand for netbook OSes will die as well. If Xandros continues to rely on netbook OSes to survive, then they may very well be plotting their own demise.

Glenn Beck’s “solution” to Obama’s “socialist” agenda: A “new 9/11”?

I was watching Glenn Beck’s show on Faux News today. Today, Beck was using the imminent approval of animal rights radical Cass Sunstein as his excuse to rail against America. Beck seems to be playing the part of a freedom fighter, but he is just playing a part.

Today, Beck used the socialist agenda of the Obama administration to hype the upcoming 9/12 Project. Apparently, the 9/12 Project is a “national day or service” where people all across the country will honor the 8th anniversary of the day after 9/11. See, on today’s show, Beck said “we were attacked on 9/11, and on 9/12 we united as one and threw away partisanship and divisiveness”. Beck then went on to say that since 9/12, America has once again allowed itself to be divided by partisanship.

So what feeling did I get from watching the show? The feeling I got was this: Glenn Beck wants a “new 9/11” to once again “unite us as one”.

Maybe Beck knows something we don’t.

Keep in mind of the events that transpired prior to 9/11. Bush’s approval rating was sliding. There was the Enron debacle. And so many other things. And then 9/11 happened, and everybody stopped talking about Enron and whatever, and Bush’s approval ratings shot up into the 90s.

Currently, Obama’s approval rating is sliding. Some in the antiwar movement are questioning why we are still in Afghanistan. Many people are bickering back and forth over the healthcare reform issue. And many are outraged at government corruption, especially lobbyists gaining prominent government jobs in Obama’s administration, despite Obama’s campaign promise to hire no lobbyists. So could an international crisis of at least the same magnitude as 9/11 be on the horizon and make Americans forget about healthcare reform, the illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and government corruption?

This wouldn’t be the first time Beck has called for a new 9/11. Watch the following clip:

Glenn Beck’s next target: Cass Sunstein and Carol Browner

Originally published September 7, 2009

Comment: If Beck attacks Sunstein for his animal rights agenda, then the fake-liberal Soros front groups (Media Matters, Think Progress, etc.) will probably use that to put out the usual spin (“Beck is a shill for the meat, fur, and dairy industry”, “Beck wants to murder animals”, “Beck is a shill for the animal slaughterhouses”, etc.) and then use those baseless arguments – together with Beck’s phony conspiracy theorist character – in order to link Alex Jones with the meat, fur and dairy industries”, and then they’ll probably dig up every sound bite where Jones attacks the soybean industry, “taxes on meat”, and “taxes on fast food” and use them out of context to back up their baseless claims. And then they’ll probably dig up Jones’ interview with Center for Consumer Freedom’s David Martosko and use that to say Jones is a food/dairy/fur industry shill “because he allowed a food industry shill to come on his show and attack PETA and HSUS”. (It should be noted that the only reason Jones attacked such taxes is because it’s part of not only the phony climate change agenda but also part of the cashless society control grid where you would be forced to thumbscan every time you buy food. In addition, Jones has made it clear that GMO soy and the overconsumption of soy is the problem, not soy in general.) And of course Beck will most likely attack Browner for her membership in the Bilderberg Group, and the Soros attack dogs will use that against the liberty/freedom movement. And then you’ll hear the dumb sheeple start saying “oh PETA is so great, HSUS is so great, PETA doesn’t kill animals, that’s a conspiracy theory made by right-wing extremists, it’s good to compare chickens to Jews, it’s good to compare fat women to whales, it’s good to stage a mock crucifixion with Jesus wearing a pig mask”.

Just watch it…once Beck the agent provocateur attacks Sunstein, the Soros attack dogs will accuse the freedom/liberty movement of being shills for the meat, fur, and dairy industries. (I’ve already been attacked as such by the fake-liberal sheeple for criticizing the “food police” at CSPI for being Rockefeller scum and accusing them of helping create the manufactured obesity epidemic.)


Glenn Beck’s Next Target: Cass Sunstein

By David Weigel 9/4/09 3:36 PM

As he makes a real impact in pushing conservative fringe attacks on Obama administration officials into the mainstream, Glenn Beck’s Twitter feed has become a must-read. In a message from last night, Beck told his followers to “FIND EVERYTHING YOU CAN ON CASS SUNSTEIN, MARK LLOYD AND CAROL BROWNER.” They are, respectively, the nominee to head the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, the Associate General Counsel and Chief Diversity Officer of the FCC, and the Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change. Browner was also administrator of the EPA for all eight years of Bill Clinton’s presidency.

Beck’s ostensible purpose here is to expose the “czars” who’ve been appointed by the president. Sunstein stands out like a sore thumb, as he’s been tied up by holds and filibusters for months, and Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) only filed for cloture on his nomination at the start of August.

How has Sunstein become so controversial? Basically, conservative Websites have read his iconoclastic, theoretical writing and pumped up the bits that sound really strange. A current example comes from CNSNews.com.

Outlined in the 2008 book “Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness,” Sunstein and co-author Richard H. Thaler argued that the main reason that more people do not donate their organs is because they are required to choose donation. … This problem could be remedied if governments changed the laws for organ donation, they said. Currently, unless a patient has explicitly chosen to be an organ donor, either on his driver’s license or with a donor card, the doctors assume that the person did not want to donate and therefore do not harvest his organs. Thaler and Sunstein called this “explicit consent.”

Microsoft trains Best Buy employees to spew anti-Linux propaganda

Comment: I should point out that Linux works fine with iPods and video chat. Skype 2.0 – which is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux – works perfectly with video chat. Pidgin supports video chat on many of the IM protocols which are supported by Pidgin. iTunes replacements such as Rhythmbox and Amarok work perfectly with iPods. I have personally used Rhythmbox to sync to an iPod. And Transgaming Cedega and newer versions of Wine and Codeweavers’ Crossover Games will play World of Warcraft with no problems. So don’t believe the corporate disinformation from Redmond and the Madison Ave. advertising executives. Linux does everything Microsoft does…except get infected on a routine basis by trojans and spyware and adware and viruses.


M$’s Anti-Linux Training at Best Buy.
Submitted by twitter on Friday September 04, @10:15AM

twitter writes “Best Buy is one of the few national computer retailers that has survived Vista and the recession. Here’s how Microsoft is training their employees. It’s like a throwback from the badly discredited “Get the Facts” campaign.

I work at Best Buy (insert boos and hisses) and I was doing some Microsoft ExpertZone training. … during my training modules, a “Linux vs Windows 7” module appeared. Here are screenshots of the lies Microsoft is portraying.

Okay so here’s where it starts getting bad. [bogus claims that gnu/linux won’t work your ipod, do video chat, play World of Warcraft and so on]

If you have been paying attention, you know that the first slide is a lie. Windows 7 won’t provide familiarity, choice, compatibility, or peace of mind, really. Windows 7 is a service pack for Vista that comes at a cost to your freedom and privacy. Best Buy is in for a world of hurt if they believe what Microsoft is telling them.”

Link To Original Source


Here are some of the screenshots in question.

Here are some of the screenshots in question.

ACLU executive murdered for opposing his Rockefeller overlords’ national ID card agenda

Rockefeller fingerprints have to be all over this one. The Rockefeller/CFR connections to the ACLU are undeniable fact.

Something similar happened in Germany after Hitler got power, he thinned his ranks of the SA that brought him to power and then others including the homosexuals that also were behind his movement.  Obama has done a reversal on his gay-rights agenda and I wonder if some are speaking out against his hypocricy. But who knows what happened yet, I am sure there will be some official “this was a hate crime” BS to push more draconian hate crime legislation. But if a homocide, looks damn professional and blaming some angry patsy will probably be seen as obvious BS.

Larry Frankel, legislative council for the ACLU interviewed with AARP

The ACLU weighs in on the Supreme Court ruling regarding Voter ID and discusses why Voter ID laws are bad for all Americans.

Video http://www.aarp.org/aarp/broadcast/estreet_archives/E_street_213_archive/e_street_213_seg_2/

He wasn’t a big fan of the Real ID Act. He started a website www.realnightmare.org to raise awareness to state and federal authorities about the dangers of real id.


Which also means:  “If you oppose and try to expose our real agenda with the fact your biometric data is stored in an Agile Software (PROMIS/Ptech) database that allows us to change your ID credentials dynamically, at will–THEN YOU WILL BE KILLED.”

From here:

Just remember who funds the ACLU. The Rockefeller Foundation and the Ford Foundation. Current ACLU executive director Anthony Romero is a CFR member who worked for BOTH the Rockefeller Foundation and Ford Foundation. And for at least 30 years, the ACLU president has been a CFR member. Nadine Strossen (ACLU president, 1991-2008) is a CFR member. Norman Dorsen (ACLU president, 1976-1991) is a CFR member.


Nadine Strossen (born August 18, 1950) was president of the American Civil Liberties Union from February 1991 to October 2008. She was the first woman and the youngest person to ever lead the ACLU. A professor at New York Law School, Professor Strossen sits on the Council on Foreign Relations.


Dorsen also sits on the Council on Foreign Relations, and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.



Anthony Romero serves on or associates with a number of organizations, boards of directors, and others. He is the chairman of the Center of Disability and Advocacy Rights, vice chairman of the New World Foundation’s Board of Directors and a member the Council on Foreign Relations, the New York State Bar Association and Hispanics in Philanthropy. In addition, he has sat on the board of judges for the PEN/Newman’s Own award for free expression.

In the past, he was the Vice Chairman of the White House Internship Advisory Committee and acted as Co-Chairman of the Funders’ Committee for Citizen Participation. He was also Director of Human Rights and International Cooperation at the Ford Foundation, which turned “into Ford’s largest and most dynamic grant making unit” under his leadership. Prior to this position, he served as Program Officer for Civil Rights and Racial Justice for the Ford Foundation. He has also been part of the Rockefeller Foundation.


The ACLU’s leadership is well represented in the CFR’s membership rolls and works closely with this Insider brain trust. ACLU president Nadine Strossen is a CFR member. So is ACLU Executive Director Anthony D. Romero, a homosexual activist attorney who previously was a top staff member at the Ford Foundation, the CER-directed revolutionary cash cow providing funding to the ACLU. Stanley Sheinbaum, the longtime patriarch of the ACLU of Southern California, one of the organization’s most influential chapters, is also a CFR member. So is Morton Halperin, the Marxist revolutionary who, for many years, ran the ACLU’s project to neuter our police and security agencies. President Clinton tried to appoint Halperin to a top Defense Department post, but was prevented from doing so when this magazine and others exposed the nominee s ultra-radical, pro-Communist, pro-terrorist record.

In 1996, ACLU President Nadine Strossen was one of three CFR panelists on the council’s program, “Combating Terrorism: What Works? What Doesn’t?” This conference, broadcast over C-SPAN, provided an even earlier trial balloon than Hart-Rudman to measure the American public’s response to proposals for draconian measures to fight terrorism.


The ACLU has pointed to the Orwellian Big Brother potential of the Homeland Security Act (HSA) to boost recruitment and raise funds. Apparently this scam is working; the organization claims that its membership has jumped to an all-time high, and funds are pouring in. What the ACLU does not point out is the close relationship of its top players to the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) architects who gave us the HSA. The HSA and the mammoth new Homeland Security Department was created by legislation that originated with the CFR-spawned Hart-Rudman Commission. Known formally as the United States Commission on National Security/21st Century, the Hart-Rudman Commission was established in 1998 at the urging of President Clinton (CFR) and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (CFR).  The commission was co-chaired by former Senators Gary Hart (CFR) and Warren Rudman (CFR).  It should be no surprise that the commission proposed what Congress has essentially adopted and President Bush has signed.  ACLU president Nadine Strossen is a CFR member.  So is ACLU Executive Director Anthony D. Romero.  The CFR seeks nothing less than the absolute destruction of American sovereignty and liberty.


The ACLU is lavishly funded by wealthy foundations and individuals, by annual dues paid by some 400,000 individual members, and through payment of court-ordered attorneys fees. In recent years, the ACLU Foundation in New York has taken in annual revenues of approximately $50 million – funds which are available for its aggressive legal and public relations campaigns. In 2003, the last year for which financial data are available, the ACLU Foundation reported more than $150 million in assets.

The Ford Foundation has been especially generous, pledging $7 million in 1999 to the ACLU’s endowment fund, and making additional donations in 2001, 2002 and 2003 amounting to $5.3 million. But Ford has been joined in these benefactions by several other well-known philanthropies. The Packard Foundation donated $1.6 million in 2001, and the Hewlett and Rockefeller Foundations donated $450,000 and $275,000, respectively, in 2002. In recent years, the ACLU has received $2.9 million from George Soros’ Open Society Institute. Numerous other foundations have donated lesser sums. All, it may be assumed, endorse the ACLU’s agenda of driving religion out of the public square and of weakening the government’s ability to fight terrorism.


Still, finding a public interest position straight out of law school was a challenge. Romero had pinned much of his hopes on winning the ACLU’s Marvin M. Karpatkin Fellowship, but he was a runner-up. “I was absolutely crushed,” he says. He had loans to pay back, and he despaired about his family’s reaction. Revuelta told him to hang in there.
His patience paid off: he was awarded a fellowship at the Rockefeller Foundation just before graduation.
From 1990 to 2001, Romero’s career flourished. He left Rockefeller and rose through the ranks of the Ford Foundation, distinguishing himself not only as a grant maker but also as an advisor to nonprofits, a manager of people, and a master of back-office systems. Susan V. Berresford, the Ford Foundation president, notes that there are a select few who can make smart, well-informed funding decisions, and there are another select few who can revamp office administration practices. Romero was the rare individual who could do both—and be charming at the same time. “He has it all,” she says. “I’m glad that the ACLU was able to see it and hire him.”

Romero was executive director for exactly one week when the September 11 attacks occurred. As the first 747 jet crashed into the World Trade Center towers, he was in Washington, D.C., about to address his first meeting of the organization’s biggest donors. A staff member directed him to a television, he saw the mayhem, and quickly took the podium away from another speaker.


And now here’s the story.

ACLU Counsel and Gay Rights Champion Found Dead In DC Park
8/30/09-by Paula Brooks

Washington DC police sources are telling Lez Get Real, that a body found Friday in a wooded section of Rock Creek Park is that of ACLU State Legislative Counsel Larry Frankel. Rock Creek Park is located in Northwest DC.

Police say that a jogger running along a path in the park just south of Beach Drive and north of Massachusetts Ave NW, about 11 a.m. Friday saw something floating in the water that later turned out to be Frankels body.

US Park Police initially responded to the joggers 911 call and were later joined on the scene by investigators from the homicide division of the DC Metro Police.

A Metro DC Police spokesman confirmed this morning that the body was indeed that of Frankel and said that homicide detectives are continuing to investigate his death, but would offer no cause of death or comment further on the case pending official release of autopsy results.

Frankel, 52, had served as both Executive Director and Legislative Director for the ACLU of Pennsylvania for many years before becoming the State Legislative Counsel for the National ACLU here in Washington. Frankel joined the ACLU’s Washington Legislative Office last year and oversaw the support to the 53 ACLU affiliate offices across the country.

Pennsylvania Rep Mark Cohen said on his blog this morning that Frankel was a “proud gay man, he was militant on the issue of gay marriage, believing that it was far more important to keep the legal option of gay marriage by defeating a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage than to enact civil unions legislation, an uphill battle that some, including myself, thought was winnable. His views on gay marriage were somewhat vindicated when four New England states and the state of Iowa legalized gay marriage this year.”

Retired “Price Is Right” Host Bob Barker Confirms He Will Be Guest Host Of WWE Monday Night RAW On September 7, 2009

WWE News: The Sept. 7 guest host of WWE Raw confirmed
By Jason Powell Aug 30, 2009 – 02:53 PM


Former “The Price is Right” host Bob Barker will host the Sept. 7 edition of WWE Raw. Barker appeared on “The People’s Morning Show” on 105.7 X Rocks and announced that he will host the Labor Day edition of Raw. “I’m really looking forward to it,” Barker said. You can listen to the interview at 1057thex.com. [Thanks to Dot Net reader Brian Seekford]

Powell’s POV: Barker is promoting his book “Priceless Memories.” He hasn’t made too many television appearances

since leaving the show, so it’s cool that WWE scored him as the guest host of next week’s show. Get ready for Santino Marella to relive the fight scene from Happy Gilmore.

Audio clip:

Bob Barker on 105.7 X Rocks

The following contains a spoiler regarding the guest host of the Sept. 7 Raw.

Former “The Price is Right” host Bob Barker will host the Sept. 7 edition of WWE Raw. Barker appeared on “The People’s Morning Show” on 105.7 X Rocks and announced that he will host the Labor Day edition of Raw. “I’m really looking forward to it,” Barker said. You can listen to the interview at 1057thex.com. [Thanks to Dot Net reader Brian Seekford]

Powell’s POV: Barker is promoting his book “Priceless Memories.” He hasn’t made too many television appearances

since leaving the show, so it’s cool that WWE scored him as the guest host of next week’s show. Get ready for Santino Marella to relive the fight scene from Happy Gilmore.

Google-shilling Linux “advocates” censoring and smearing comments critical of Chrome OS

Freescale, Qualcomm, Texas Insruments, Acer, Asus, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, and Toshiba on the hardware front. Adobe on the software front. And one report claims that Intel is collaborating with Google on the Chrome OS.


Intel collaborating with Google can mean only one thing. Intel’s gonna use their vPro hardware backdoor together with an OS made by a CIA front to spy on people…and then the Google-worshipping Chrometards will accuse you of being a kook and a liar and a “Microsoft shill” if you claim that they’re using Chrome OS and Intel vPro to spy on people.

I never thought I’d see the day when Linux advocates would become NWO-worshipping slaves…until Penguin Pete said “I for one welcome my new Google overlords”.

Want proof that dissent against Chrome OS is being censored? Look here.


I left the following comment:

Chrome OS (from Google the CIA front) – “Change PCs Can Believe In”

Check this out. A Linux advocate now says he has Google overlords.

penguinpetes(.)com(/)b2evo(/)i ndex(.)php(?)title(=)i_for_one_welcome_our_new_google_overlo r(&)more(=)1(&)c(=)1(&)tb(=)1( &)pb(=)1

Linux “advocate” Roy Schestowitz of boycottnovell.com is now smearing all criticism of Chrome OS as “shilling for Microsoft”.


Schestowitz has been exposed as a Google shill. And it looks like Shillowitz is now changing the commenting policy on his website to “combat abuse and intimidation from trolls”. Bullshiiiiiiiiit. He knows he’s been exposed as a Google shill for his fawning over Chrome OS, so now he wants to prevent people from exposing him as a shill. Shillowitz, you’re busted!


I'm libertarian, anti-GMO, and vegan. Freelee The Banana Girl, VeganGMO Unnatural Vegan, PETA, and HSUS are pro-GMO fake vegans.