Mainstream media promotes morbid obesity as “normal” while saying healthy eating is a “mental disorder”.

The same fat pride activists were the ones defending Ric Keller when he introduced the “Cheeseburger Bill” – the Personal Responsibility in Food Consumption Act – in 2003 and 2005 to protect the food industry from lawsuits pertaining to obesity. (Keller received $300,000 from McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Burger King before he introduced the bill in 2003.)

What they don’t want you to know is the “Cheeseburger Bill” was actually meant to protect Monsanto and the rest of the biotech giants from lawsuits should the government finally admit that GMO foods cause obesity and cancer. The “fat pride movement” was created by Monsanto.


Vegan propagandists now resorting to sexist attacks against men to push vegan agenda.

More proof that the modern vegan movement is about ad hominem character attacks and equating meat eaters with Islamofascists, white supremacists, and fascists, not about promoting health.

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Animal rights activists now openly equating meat eaters with sexists, racists, and homophobes.

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This just shows how veganism has been bastardized by the fake animal rights movement as a pseudo-religion, much like how Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church have bastardized Christianity with its hateful rhetoric.

It’s time that people reject the fake vegans and the fake animal rights activists as “religious fanatics” on par with Christian extremists, Islamofascists, and Zionists.

This blanket smearing of meat eaters as “racists”, “sexists”, and “homophobes” just shows the utter ridiculousness and desperation of the fake vegan movement and the fake animal rights movement. It just shows that desperate losers always resort to desperate last measures in order to keep from sinking to nothingness.

Most animal rights activists are as deranged as Alex Jones and his idiotic followers who serve no purpose other than to discredit libertarianism. And these fake animal rights activists – and the fake animal rights movement – is being used to discredit legitimate animal welfare concerns as “kook ideology”.

It’s time for people to think of animal rights activists on the same vein as Alex Jones and his loonfuck followers.


Costa Rica imposes Monsanto/GMO globalist vegan agenda, bans hunting under false guide of “banning sport hunting”

Costa Rica just became the first country in Latin America to ban hunting for sport. Costa Rica’s Congress voted unanimously on Monday to approve the ban, which will protect the country’s wildlife – including several species of native big cats. Any hunters caught breaking the new law will face jail time or hefty fines.

The Costa Rican people started the initiative to protect their animals – it began as a grass-roots campaign that brought over 177,000 signatures to the national Congress. Now that the bill has been approved, violators of the hunting ban will face up to four months in jail and fines up to $3,000.

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Give it a year or two before the globalists order Costa Rican police to arrest people for hunting in order to feed themselves. The globalist vegan agenda is NOT about making people healthy or saving the planet. It’s about criminalizing self-reliance, and it’s about making the global population totally dependent on the state when it comes to food.

Remember Kissinger’s “Food As A Weapon” agenda? In order for the globalists to use food as a weapon against the global population, the globalists have to have absolute control over the food supply, and that can only be achieved by banning people from growing their own fruits and vegetables, hunting for their own food, and fishing for their own food.

Now you know why PETA calls for hunting and fishing to be banned. It’s not about protecting the animals. It’s about making the global population totally dependent on the state and the soon-to-be-monopolized food industry. Only by banning self-reliance, self-sufficiency, and ALL animal products can the globalists use veganism to make the people weak and docile by robbing their their brains of saturated fats which fuel the brain and cut the risk of neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.


Food, Inc. is controlled opposition. Official Facebook page says GMO-laden school lunches are healthier than homemade “brown bag lunches.

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It’s safe to say that Monsanto runs Food, Inc.’s Facebook page.

Food, Inc. is controlled opposition.

Now we are using the ultimate weapon against the masses. Food. Wiith the passage of Senate Bill S510 sponsored by New World Order Richard Durbin and co-sponsored by New world order bootlicker Lamar Alexander, we have made food a Weapon of Mass Destruction. People don’t even know about this bill.

Senate Bill S510 makes it illegal to grow, share, trade or sell homegrown food. This is real freedom. People are already being arrested for buying and selling raw milk because they have no right to nutrients. Just buy the safe radiated, genetically enhanced food. Stick it in the microwave and you will have more time to have life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in a world where you do not have to grow your own food.

You humans will eat the genetically enhanced chicken breasts. Look how big they are. Big is good. Look at the giant perfectly shaped apples. Your ancestors ate apples with worms.

In the words of The Great Henry Kissinger, “If you control the food supply, you control the people.”

We used the Hegelian Dialectic of problem, reaction, solution when we, acting as the controlled opposition, put out the very clever film “Food Inc”. The problem exposed current practices of our great corporations, people reacted in horror to the assembly line industrial farming methods we employ, and now we give them the solution, S510 the Food Safety Bill which will give us total control and the ability to remove the nutrients, which we have designated as toxins.


France legalizes discrimination against models considered anorexic. (Soon they will criminalize

The French parliament has voted to ban ultra-thin catwalk models, despite protests from modelling agencies in the world’s fashion capital.

Anyone whose body mass index is below a certain level will not be able to work as a catwalk model, according to the amendment voted in by the national assembly.

Agencies found to employ models considered too thin could face a fine of up to €75,000 (£55,000) and six months in prison. The measure is part of a wider crackdown on anorexia backed by President François Hollande’s government.

“The prospect of such a punishment will have the effect of regulating the entire sector,” said Olivier Veran, the deputy proposing the amendment, who said similar measures had been taken in Spain, Italy and Israel.

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And I’m sure that soon France will criminalize exposing the truth about the obesity epidemic under the guise of criminalizing “fat shaming” as a “hate crime”.


The truth about CSPI’s soda tax agenda and soda tax lawmaker Rosa DeLauro.

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Why does CSPI push for a soda tax?

Is it to make people healthy?

No. It’s all about the money.

CSPI is nothing but a front group for the Rockefeller Foundation which for many years was headed by David Rockefeller.

For many years, David Rockefeller was president and chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank (now JPMorgan Chase).

Using his immense wealth from his banking career, Rockefeller became involved in philanthropic work, which is code for “social engineering”. Among the various enterprises Rockefeller got involved with were the Exelon Corporation and the Stone Barns organic farm. (As this blog has exhaustively documented, Exelon’s Indian Point power plant has killed millions of fish in the Hudson River, and Stone Barns slaughtered a 900 pound hog and turned him into bacon and sausage, and PETA did not speak out against either because they have received money from the Rockefeller Foundation and the Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors.)

CSPI is an off-shoot of Ralph Nader’s Center for the Study of Responsive Law, co-founded in 1971 by a microbiologist (Michael F. Jacobson), a meteorologist (James L. Sullivan – now working for the Military-Industrial Complex front organization USAID), and a Jesuit environmentalist (Al Fritsch). After Sullivan and Fritsch left CSPI, CSPI concentrated on food-related issues.

If CSPI was really concerned about food safety, they would refuse to shill for GMO foods. Instead, they let Gregory Jaffe, an attorney with no scientific qualifications whatsoever, tell the world that GMO foods are “safe” when European lab testing has concluded that GMO food are anything but safe.

If CSPI was really concerned about food safety, they would call for sucralose (Splenda) and monosodium glutamate (MSG) to be banned. Instead, CSPI merely reclassifies sucralose from “safe” to “caution” and classifies MSG as “certain people should avoid”.

Who benefits from excise taxes? The same bankster scum who created the Federal Reserve, the CFR, and the Trilateral Commission. The banksters are one great big mafioso cartel. Taxes are their pizzo. The IRS is their capo. And advocates of more taxes – such as CSPI – are nothing but “made men”, the underlings of the capos.

CSPI was – from the very start – clearly set up by the Rockefellers to protect their interests as well as to steal from the poor and the middle class to empower the rich to where eventually the rich will control 99.99% of the wealth while the poor will have to scrape and fight for the remaining 0.01%.

Michael F. Jacobson does not run CSPI. JPMorgan Chase does.

In addition, Rosa DeLauro – the congressperson who drafted the SWEET Act – is married to Stan Greenberg, an attorney who has Monsanto as a client.

Why would Monsanto be behind a soda tax? Because as more people are becoming aware of the negative health impact of high fructose corn syrup, people are switching to sodas sweetened with regular sugar (pure cane sugar or GMO beet sugar). The “SWEET Act” will not tax aspartame-sweetened sodas. (At one time, Monsanto owned the Nutrasweet Company which was the most prominent manufacturer or aspartame for many years.)

The “SWEET Act” has Monsanto stench written all over it. It’s not about making people healthy. It’s about forcing people to either pay more to drink sugary sodas or pay less to drink aspartame sodas, get brain cancer, and die. CSPI and Rosa DeLauro are in bed with Monsanto.