How can we expect legal pot when the government wants to ban caffeine?

Comment: This is why the “War on Drugs” will never end. The government has ZERO INTEREST in legalizing drugs. If drugs were to be legalized, the prison industry would go bankrupt. The government has no interest in reducing the criminal population. Instead, they want to INCREASE the criminal population so that when the time comes when the government says all convicted felons have to be implanted with GPS microchips, over half the population will be microchipped.

And do you think they’ll stop at caffeine powder? Nope. Once they ban caffeine powder, they will start banning caffeine tablets such as Vivarin and No-Doz, and then caffeinated beverages starting with energy drinks followed by coffee, tea, and then soft drinks.

This is a message to ALL the “legalize pot” crowd: If you support a federal ban on caffeine, then you support the War on Drugs, and you are a traitor to your cause.


Ohio Senator wants caffeine powder banned nationwide

Updated: Fri, Jul 31 2015, 11:41 PM CINCINNATI (WKRC) — A US Senator from Ohio is trying to ban caffeine powder across the country.
Currently Ohio is the only state that bans the sale of it. Senator Sherrod Brown (D)-OH, along with an Ohio family who lost their son to pure caffeine, are asking the FDA to ban it nationwide.
Senator Brown said, “There’s no public purpose for the selling of powdered caffeine in bulk.”
Dennis Stiner, whose son died of an overdose, said, “We don’t want to see anymore die from taking a product that falls through a loophole as a dietary substance.”
Doctors said one teaspoon of pure caffeine is equal to 25 cups of coffee.

Ingrid Newkirk is a terrorist for calling for the “hanging” of Walter Palmer.

Sport/trophy hunting – the act of killing an animal just for its skin or its head to be mounted and displayed as a trophy – is an act of cowardice.

But to call for the hanging of a hunter is beyond cowardice. That is terrorism.

What if I called for Ingrid Newkirk to be hanged for all the innocent dogs and cats PETA has gassed to death Auschwitz-style? What do you think would happen to me? I would be arrested and charged for making terroristic threats, and rightfully so.

So how come that limey cunt is allowed to make terroristic threats? Because she and PETA are government operatives.

PETA is the ISIS of the animal rights world.


PETA calls for Walter Palmer to be ‘hanged’ for killing Cecil the lion

But by far and away the most radical reaction belonged to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

PETA called for Palmer to be charged, tried and if found guilty “preferably hanged.”

Here is the official statement from PETA co-founder and President Ingrid Newkirk:

Hunting is a coward’s pastime. If, as has been reported, this dentist and his guides lured Cecil out of the park with food so as to shoot him on private property, because shooting him in the park would have been illegal, he needs to be extradited, charged, and, preferably, hanged. To get a thrill at the cost of a life, this man gunned down a beloved lion, Cecil with a high-powered weapon. All wild animals are beloved by their own mates and infants, but to hunters like this overblown, over-privileged little man, who lack empathy, understanding, and respect for living creatures, they are merely targets to kill, decapitate, and hang up on a wall as a trophy. The photograph of this dentist, smiling over the corpse of another animal, who, like Cecil, wanted only to be left in peace, will disgust every caring soul in the world.

The statement isn’t out of character for the organization, which has earned a reputation as the one of the most radical defenders of animal rights.


Why Whoopi Goldberg has no right to criticize sport killing of Cecil the Lion.

I was watching The View this morning, and while they were on the subject of the unnecessary – and illegal – sport killing of Cecil the Lion, Whoop Goldberg lambasted – and rightfully so – Walter James Palmer for the heinous act.

So why am I saying that Whoopi has no right to criticize Palmer for killing Cecil?

Is it because Whoopi is an admitted meat eater and has even written a recipe for beef ribs?


Is it because she defends people convicted of participating in dogfighting operations?


Shortly after news broke out of Michael Vick’s conviction for participating in a dogfighting ring, Whoopi rushed to Vick’s defense.


Just 15 minutes into the show she brought up Vick’s conviction on dogfighting charges.

“You know from his background this is not an unusual thing for where he comes from,” said Goldberg.

“There are certain things that are indicative to certain parts of our country.”

Co-host Joy Behar seemed shocked at Goldberg’s statements.

“How about dog torture and dog murdering,” Behar asked.

“Unfortunately it’s part of the thing,” Goldberg replied.

“You’re a dog lover. For a lot of people dogs are sport,” she added.

Behar continued to shake her head in disgust.

Goldberg said it seemed to her that it took a while for Vick to realize that the charges against him were serious.

“It seemed like a light went off in his head when he realized that this was something the entire country really didn’t appreciated, didn’t like,” Goldberg said, referring to Vick’s guilty plea.

She said if the case had involved somebody from New York City her feelings would have been different.

Goldberg pointed out that Vick was raised in the South.

“This is part of his cultural upbringing,” said Goldberg.

Co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck said she was encouraged by the NFL suspending Vick indefinitely.

But Goldberg continued to defend Vick saying “This is a kid who comes from a culture when this is not questioned.”

It was Goldberg’s first day moderating the talk show. She took over from Rosie O’Donnell who quit the show earlier this year after feuds with Donald Trump and Hasselbeck.

Last month Vick entered a guilty plea in federal court in Richmond, Virginia

In his written plea, Vick admitted helping kill six to eight pit bulls and supplying money for gambling on the fights.

Vick will be sentenced on the dogfighting charges in December. The federal sentencing guideline projects a year to 18 months, but the judge can impose up to the five-year maximum.

Vick and three co-defendants, Purnell Peace of Virginia Beach, Quanis Phillips of Atlanta and Tony Taylor of Hampton all pleaded guilty to interstate dogfighting conspiracy charges.

The details outlined in the indictment and other court papers fueled a public backlash against Vick and cost him several lucrative endorsement deals, even before he agreed to plead guilty.

The case began in late April when authorities conducting a drug investigation of Vick’s cousin raided the former Virginia Tech star’s rural Surry County property and seized dozens of dogs, some injured, and equipment commonly used in dogfighting.

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So when will WWE fire Vince McMahon, Bill Watts, and Michael Hayes?

As you all know, Hulk Hogan was recently fired from the WWE and virtually blacklisted from the wrestling industry for the racist tirade that made the news last week.

So where’s the outrage against Vince McMahon for using the n-word within close proximity of Booker T?

And where’s the outrage against Michael Hayes, the head of the road agents and the producers, for telling Mark Henry “I’m more of a n-word than you” and giving Henry the “Silverback” nickname?

(EDIT on January 19, 2015 – I have read that the Fabulous Freebirds are rumored to be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame this year. If the Freebirds are allowed to join the HoF knowing Michael Hayes’ documented racist statements, then Hulk Hogan’s HoF page should be reinstated.)

And where is the demand to have “Cowboy” Bill Watts removed from the WWE Hall of Fame for speaking out in support of racial segregation in a 1991 issue of Pro Wrestling Torch?

“If you want a business and you put money in, why shouldn’t you be able to discriminate? It’s your business. If free enterprise is going to make or break it, you should be able to discriminate? It should be that, by God, if you’re going to open your doors in America, you can discriminate. Why the fuck not? That’s why I went into business, so that I could discriminate. I mean, really. I mean I want to be able to serve who I want to. It’s my business. It’s my investment … I can’t tell a fag to get the fuck out. I should have the right to not associate with a fag if I don’t want to. I mean, why should I have to hire a fuckin’ fag, if I don’t like fags? Fags discriminate against us, don’t they? Sure they do … Do blacks discriminate against whites? Who’s killed more blacks than anyone? The fuckin’ blacks. But they want to blame that bullshit Roots that came on the air. That Roots was so bullshit. All you have to do if you want slaves is to hand beads to the chiefs and they gave you slaves. What is the best thing that has ever happened to the black race? That they were brought to this country. No matter how they got here. You know why? Because they intermarried and got educated. They’re the ones running the black race.You go down to the black countries and they’re all broke. Idi Amin killed more blacks than we ever killed. You see what I mean. That’s how stupid we are. But we get all caught up in this bullshit rhetoric, And so, it’s ridiculous what’s happening to our country. Lester Maddox (former Georgia governor and defiant restaurant operator) was right. If I don’t want to sell chicken to blacks I shouldn’t have to. It’s my restaurant. Hell, at least I respect him for his stand”.


Third-wave feminist kooks finally go off the deep end by attacking MEAT EATERS as sexists!

When people see man chewing with his mouth open, most think that it’s just him being rude — but that’s just because most people aren’t educated on women’s issues. Social-justice scholars realize that feeling the need to display the crushing and grinding of food is actually a sign of dominance over the lesser being that you are consuming. Especially if it’s meat because eating meat is sexist because women need to show solidarity with animals because that’s how the world sees us anyway (like animals) and we have to be their friends. (I am only interested in dating vegan men who make sure they have chewed and swallowed all of their food before we return to talking about how many microaggressions there are in the restaurant. It’s so rowomantic!)

‘The Pornography of Meat’: School offers course exploring connection between misogyny and meat

A California college has invited a speaker to teach students that eating meat is misogynistic, and that our society degrades fish because “we don’t view them as individuals.”

The lecture, titled “The Sexual Politics of Meat,” will take place at the University of Redlands on Monday, and is to explore the “relationship between patriarchal values and meat eating by interweaving the insights of feminism, vegetarianism, animal defense, and literary theory,” according to the official website of the speaker, Carol J. Adams.

The lecture will be based on a book she wrote by the same name, which explores “the hidden connections between meat eating and patriarchy, between vegetarianism and feminism.”

Harvard University hosted Adams in 2010, and she taught students the “parallels between the consumption of meat and misogyny,” and “referred to male bonding in steakhouses or at barbecues as examples of a culture of male-dominant consumption of meat and women,” according to an article in the Harvard Crimson, the school’s official newspaper.

According to the article, Adams also told students she was upset by the “degradation of fish.”

“We have treated fishes as a mass term ‘fish’ and we don’t view them as individuals,” she said.

The article also claims that some of the Harvard students had pressed Adams for statistics to back up her claims, only for her to respond, “I don’t give a damn about statistics.”

Adams has also written a book titled “The Pornography of Meat,” according to The Sun, a local newspaper.

The University of Redlands Human-Animal Studies Program is partnering with the National Museum of Animals and Society to sponsor the event, which is scheduled for Monday, Oct. 28.

The lecture is the second in a three-part series, “On the margins: Shared Human-Animal Experiences,” which began on Sept. 30 with a lecture titled “The Emotional Lives of Animals: Compassionate Conservation and Rewilding Our Hearts,” and will conclude on Nov. 11 with “My Dog Always Eats First: Homeless People and Their Animals.”


Gay PETA executive salutes Andrew Cunanan for murdering Gianni Versace.

In 2000, he was named by gay lifestyle magazine Genre as one of the most influential people of the new century.[volume & issue needed]When asked by the magazine whom he considered an influential gay person, he replied, spree killer “Andrew Cunanan, because he got Gianni Versace to stop using fur.” In 2007, Mathews was ranked 37th in Outmagazine’s “50 Most Powerful Gay Men and Women in America”.

There you have it. A high-ranking PETA executive OPENLY ENDORSING the murder of anybody who goes against their animal rights beliefs.

So why does PETA get away with doing things which would get the average American arrested on federal terrorism charges? BECAUSE PETA WORKS FOR THE GOVERNMENT!

But of course watch the phony animal rights COINTELPRO twits play the “gay card” and say I’m a homophobe and that I’m attacking Dan Matthews only because he’s gay. I could care less if that cunt is gay, straight, bi, or asexual, or into threesomes, foursomes, circle jerks, or bestiality. I hate the son of a bitch because he’s part of the COINTELPRO operation known as PETA being used to discredit legitimate animal welfare concerns.


Another legal precdent paves the way for opposing globalists’ ethical vegan agenda to be declared a hate crime.

Comment: As with the gay marriage debate and judges threatening to imprison and fine private business owners if they don’t serve gays, this will be used as a legal precedent by the vegan community to force private businesses as well as schools to offer vegan options, with legal consequences for those who refuse to comply.

Once the vegan community succeeds in gaining phony “civil rights” and succeeds in forcing businesses to offer vegan options, the next step will be for them to tell the same businesses “stop serving animal products, or we will take you to court for violating our civil rights.”

Then what comes after that?

“Eating meat, dairy, and eggs is a hate crime!”

“Saying ‘PETA kills animals’ is a hate crime!”

“Saying ‘the globalists created veganism to make people stupid’ is a hate crime!”

“Criticizing pro-GMO vegans for supporting GMOs is a hate crime!”

This legal precedent brings us one step closer to a future where criticizing veganism and animal rights will be declared a hate crime and meat eaters are put on domestic terrorist watchlists.

FitVeganGuru: “Meat eaters are terrorists and should be dealt with the same way.”

Michigan Settles Lawsuit with Vegan Prisoner

In federal court, a judge rules in favor of serving vegan meals in prison.

Michigan has agreed to pay $20,000 to settle a lawsuit by a vegan prisoner who had been denied special meals in prison since 2010. In federal court, a judge ruled that 80-year-old inmate George Hall has a right to vegan meals because of his religious beliefs. In the United States, prisons are required to provide special meals for inmates due to religious requirements or medical conditions, but most do not provide vegetarian meals for prisoners who request them for ethical reasons. Hall is not the first prisoner to encounter difficulties with his diet—a Marin County, CA, jail received criticism in 2011 from the American Civil Liberties Union when it denied a 70-year-old inmate vegetarian meals, causing him to lose 50 pounds during a 99-day sentence. Similarly, in April, actress Pamela Anderson promoted the country’s first meatless meal program at Arizona’s Maricopa County jail. “I believe people can be rehabilitated from the inside out,” Anderson said. “Jails are full of people wanting to change, to make amends, to learn healthier habits, and understand compassion and empathy.”