Canada declared #veganism a religion. (Veganism is #Zionism.)

A while back, I exposed the globalists’ plot to effectively make veganism a mandatory lifestyle by saying you’re a hate criminal if:

It will not be long before vegan extremists will have this blog reported and shut down for “hate speech against vegans”. Just let me make it clear that I oppose vegans who treat their veganism as a religion and try to shove their veganism down other people’s throats like fundamentalist Christians do.

Veganism by itself can be a healthy lifesyle choice IF PRACTICED CORRECTLY. Look at Jay Kordich. He’s been a vegan for over half his life, and you don’t see him or his wife Linda making fun of meat eaters or calling them petty, hurtful names. If more vegans conduced themselves in the way Jay Kordich does, then veganism would probably be so widespread that a majority of Americans would be vegan.

If you want to be a vegan for health reasons, then do it.

If you want to be a vegan for animal compassion reasons, then do it. I’m not telling people it’s wrong to be a vegan.

But it’s wrong to be a vegan and be such a fanatic about it that you bully and ridicule others who don’t adhere to your dogmatic, pragmatic hyperbole. If you decide to be such a fanatic about it that you resemble some Christian fundamentalist from the Westboro Baptist Church or fanatical Zionists, then I absolutely WILL oppose you and everything you stand for.

Well, it’s happened in Canada. Soon, we will be hearing about meat eaters in Canada being arrested for hate crimes for the mere act of offending a vegetarian or vegan by eating meat or drinking milk in their presence. Remember, if you do anything which offends a protected minority, you’re a hate criminal.

This is why I no longer believe in organized religion. If ethical vegans want to be religious fanatics like Christians, Muslims, and Zionists, then so be it. They can all choke on their religious dogma.

If you vegans want veganism to be treated respectfully, then you would behave more like Jay Kordich and less like Fred Phelps.

Veganism Is One Step Closer To Becoming A Human Right In Ontario

Does your worldview include a deep respect for animals and their rights? Do you choose to opt out of using and consuming animal products for ethical reasons? Are you vegetarian or vegan for ethical reasons? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, your ethical beliefs are now one step closer to being protected under Ontario human rights law as a form of “creed,” thanks to years of work by Animal Justice.

Ontario’s Human Rights Code protects people from discrimination based on characteristics like race, age, gender identity, and sex in situations like the provision of services, housing, and employment.

People are also protected from discrimination based on their creed. The term “creed” isn’t defined in the legislation, but until recently, it was thought to mean the same thing as religion.

But not anymore. The Ontario Human Rights Commission — which plays a critical role in promoting and advancing human rights in Ontario — began consultations in 2011 on updating its official policy on creed. One of the key questions considered by the Commission was whether creed should be expanded to include secular, moral, or ethical belief systems that are non-religious in nature. After all, strongly-held secular beliefs like an animal rights ethic can be more important to a person than a religion. And religion is on the decline, with fewer and fewer people saying they hold religious beliefs. If the purpose of human rights law is to protect human dignity, then why shouldn’t the law protect important secular beliefs along with religious ones?

Representatives of Animal Justice mobilized during the consultation process, telling the Commission that secular beliefs like ethical veganism also deserved legal protections as a form of creed.

The Commission listened. In December, it finally issued the much-awaited updated policy on preventing discrimination based on creed. Unlike the previous policy, which excluded non-religious belief systems, the new policy states that creed is not limited to religion:

“Creed may also include non-religious belief systems that, like religion, substantially influence a person’s identity, worldview and way of life.”

This would include a belief system that seeks to avoid causing harm to animals, like ethical veganism.

So, what does this all mean? The Commission policy is designed to provide guidance to employers, housing providers, and other service providers on how they can respect human rights and accommodate people who have requirements based on their creed. For example, the policy recommends that a person in a hospital facility who has a creed-based need for vegetarian food be provided with appropriate food by the facility. Other examples include:

• A university or school would have an obligation to accommodate a biology student who refuses to perform an animal dissection because of her creed.
• An employer would have an obligation to accommodate an employee who cannot wear an animal-based component of a uniform, like leather or fur, based on his creed.
• An employer must ensure corporate culture does not exclude a vegetarian or vegan employee, such as holding regular company networking events at a steakhouse, instead of providing additional, inclusive opportunities.

The final word on interpreting creed rests with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, which hears and adjudicates human rights claims. But Commission policies are persuasive, if not binding, on the Tribunal. Already, the Tribunal has said it is possible that a “political perspective… made up of a recognizable cohesive belief system or structure” may amount to a creed, which bodes well. The Tribunal has also recognized Falun Gong as a creed, despite its practitioners describing it as a “spiritual cultivation practice” as opposed to a religion.

In 2011, a claim was filed by a Ryerson student who felt the university discriminated against her in her academic studies because of her beliefs about animals and their rights. Although the case was dismissed on other grounds, it’s likely only a matter of time before the Tribunal will be asked to give a final and definitive ruling that ethical veganism is protected by human rights law.

In the meantime, you have the right to file a claim with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario if you believe you are facing discrimination based on your beliefs about animals. Animal Justice may be able to assist you. Contact us to learn more about your rights and how to enforce them.


HSUS promotes pro-GMO propaganda. #HSUS #HumaneSociety #GMO

Nowhere in the PDF does HSUS advocate seeking out non-GMO foods. In fact, in the “Shopping Suggestions” section, HSUS advocates the purchase of vegetarian foods made by phony “organic” companies which are owned by huge corporations which donated to the campaigns to defeat GMO labelling laws such as Prop 37 (California) and I-522 (State of Washington).

Some of the phony organic companies endorsed by HSUS include:

  • Lightlife (owned by ConAgra which donated $1,176,700 to defeat Prop 37)
  • Morningstar Farms and Gardenburger (owned by Kellogg’s which donated $790,700 to defeat Prop 37)
  • White Wave and Silk (both of which at the time were owned by Dean Foods which donated $253,950 to defeat Prop 37)

(Information previously posted here.)


PETA’s xenophobic attack against Russia for sending monkeys into space

Click here to read.

PETA is a disgusting Zionist Jew run organization who takes its batting orders from the CIA and Mossad to attack anybody who stands opposed to America’s imperialistic agenda.

These are the hardcore facts about PETA that not even the Center for Consumer Freedom will dare expose:

  • PETA hates 9/11 truthers, censors 9/11 truth comments on their website and social media pages (Facebook/YouTube/etc.), and openly promotes the official 9/11 fairy tale. (This has happened to me.)
  • PETA allows paid Monsanto trolls to promote pro-GMO propaganda on their website and social media pages (Facebook/YouTube/etc.) and will censor anybody who dares counter the Monsanto trolls or expose the Monsanto trolls for being Monsanto trolls. (This has happened to me.)
  • PETA pays Zionist Jews to openly spew Islamophobia in Muslim areas, and if you criticize them for doing so, you are smeared as a Jew hater and an anti-semite. (This has happened to me.)
  • PETA openly hires Zionist Jews with CIA/Mossad connections, immediately promotes them to the elite “inner circle”, and pays them to throw tofu cream pies at Oscar de la Renta and dead raccoons at Anna Wintour. (This perfectly describes Alex Jones’ ex-wife Kelly Rebecca “Violet” Nichols.)
  • PETA openly mocks the Holocaust – the “Holocaust on Your Plate” campaign which was created by a Zionist Jew – and does not face criminal prosecution in Europe for doing so. (Mocking the Holocaust is a serious crime in most of Europe, especially Germany and France.)
  • PETA openly equates factory farmed animals with blacks, gays, women, and Jews. However, you won’t see the NAACP attack PETA for promoting racism. (And if you question why the NAACP won’t attack PETA, you’re labelled a racist.) You won’t see GLAAD attack PETA for promoting homophobia. (And if you question why GLAAD won’t attack PETA, you’re labelled a homophobe.) You won’t see the NOW attack PETA for promoting misogyny. (And if you question why NOW won’t attack PETA, you’re labelled a sexist and misogynist. Oh, and according to the third-wave feminists, you’re a sexist if you eat meat.) And you won’t see the ADL and/or SPLC attack PETA for promoting anti-semitism.

PETA is nothing but a tool of the Zionist Occupied Government. They are ZOGs to the very core. The real power in PETA lies in Bruce Friedrich, a Zionist Jew. Ingrid Newkirk is just a puppet that the Zionists put to “run” PETA so people wouldn’t learn the hardcore truth that the Jews run PETA.

(Special thanks to TheZOG for the info on Bruce Friedrich.)


Has the federal government shut down the Center for Consumer Freedom? #ConsumerFreedom #HumaneWatch

I’ve noticed that CCF’s website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed – along with HumaneWatch’s Facebook page (HumaneWatch’s Twitter feed appears to have had zero activity since it was set up) – have had no posts or activity for over three weeks.

I wonder if the federal government decided to take action based on the allegations that Berman takes CCF donations and funnels the money to his for-profit PR firm Berman & Company.

If so, then perhaps the IRS has seized CCF’s assets pending a full investigation of its activities. (If it’s discovered that CCF donations were indeed funnelled to Berman & Company, then Berman is guilty of violating federal tax code as well as tax evasion.) Perhaps it will be found out that Berman paid former employee David Martosko to infiltrate animal rights groups on Facebook and make threatening posts and appear to be an agent provocateur. (If that’s the case, Berman would be guilty on federal terrorism charges.)

If Berman has indeed violated federal tax laws and federal terrorism laws, then he deserves to not only rot in a 3×5 federal prison cell for the rest of his life, but he also deserves to have all his assets – including websites, “non-profit” organizations, PR firm, personal/private property, and bank accounts – seized by the federal government, and any co-conspirators – David Martosko included – deserve the same.

The death of the Center for Consumer Freedom would actually be a good thing because it would mean one less Monsanto front group to worry about.


ACLU defends free speech rights of anti-Islam Zionists.

Comment: Hey Muslims and followers of Islam. The Jew-run ACLU hates you.

ACLU defends anti-Islam Christian Zionist group


Marion Nestle: Corporate socialist for Monsanto. #MarionNestle #Monsanto #Chipotle #FoodPolitics

Comment: Marion Nestle is a filthy lying whore for Monsanto. TOTAL jezebel sellout scum cunt.

Monsanto is a part of the military industrial complex.  … and Chipotle is /was the flagship fast food restaurant thumbing their NON GMO nose at the military company Monsanto.  …and it just so happens to be damn coincidental that Chipotle would be under an E coli attack as their NON GMO campaign was taking off like a rocket ship.  You don’t hear much about that anymore.

Chipotle was also under attack before the E coli (on going) ‘event’ for non organic issues.

Anyway, I was wondering if the military (via Monsanto) has weaponized E Coli that can be dispersed through ‘inside aerosolization’.  Or does monsanto call their buddies at the DHS, and order them up some ‘crisis actors’ signed under ‘national security’ to fake an illness that the ‘bought and paid’ for CDC (ALSO a BIG friend of monsanto) to substantiate the false E coli claims with the goal of ruining the popular fast-food restaurant for going NON GMO.  Which, by the way, was well received by the public.

Are the CEO’s of certain other companies getting anonymous communication that the same will happen to them if they try to break from the GMO chains of the NWO?

It’s not that Chipotle in of itself is a big deal, but that a flagship multi million, if not billion dollar company was going off the NWO reservation. That being the bigger deal, because, let’s face it, the GMO industry is hanging on by life support and a growing number of blue chip companies going NON GMO could really put a nail into the coffin GMO’s forever.

It will be interesting to see if Chipotle will continue it’s dedication to NON GMO food or will it ‘cease and diciest’ by threat of the NWO?

Chipotle’s food safety problems: an update

I’m fascinated by reports of Chipotle’s ongoing problems with foodborne illness.

  • The main interest of the press in these episodes is their effect on Chipotle’s stock prices.
  • The outbreaks have been linked to a bunch of different pathogens: E. coli O157:H7, E. coli STEC O26, Salmonella, norovirus, and, possibly, hepatitis A.  This means they are due to different causes at different outlets.
  • The food, foods, or individuals responsible for these outbreaks are uncertain, making them hard to know how to prevent.
  • Hence: conspiracy theories.

The outbreaks

The most recent CDC report (December 21) counts 53 cases of E. coli 026 from 9 states, with 20 hospitalizations.

12-18-2015: Epi Cruve: Persons infected with the outbreak strain of E. coli O26, by date of illness onset

The FDA reports (December 22) that there are 5 more recent cases of illness caused by a different type of E. coli 026 among people eating at Chipotle.

Food Safety News summarizes the previous Chipotle outbreaks.

  • Seattle: July 2015, 5 people sick from E. coli O157:H7, from unknown food source.
  • Simi Valley, CA: August 2015, more than 230 sick from norovirus (most likely from an ill worker).
  • Minnesota: August and September 2015, 64 people sick from Salmonella Newport (tomatoes?).
  • Boston: December 2015, at least 136 people sick from norovirus.

The consequences

  • Nearly 500 people have become ill after eating in a Chipotle since July this year.
  • Stock prices are down 30 percent from a high of $757.77 in August.

The conspiracy theory

The title says it all: “ANALYSIS: Chipotle is a victim of corporate sabotage… biotech industry food terrorists are planting e.coli in retaliation for restaurant’s anti-GMO menu.”

I don’t think so.

You don’t need conspiracy theories to explain poorly designed and executed food safety procedures.

What is to be done?

The New York Times attributes the inability to identify the food source to Chipotle’s record-keeping:

One of the challenges here has been that we have been able to identify the restaurants where people ate, but because of the way Chipotle does its record-keeping, we have been unable to figure out what food is in common across all those restaurants,” said Dr. Ian Williams, chief of the outbreak response and prevention branch of the C.D.C.

That, at least, should be an easy fix.

For the rest, Chipotle has initiated a new food safety program, and has recruited a leading food safety expert, Mansour Samadpour, to set it up.  I met Samadpour at Earthbound Farms when he was helping that company prevent further problems after the spinach outbreak of 2006.  He knows what he his doing.

Chipotle needs to follow his advice—in letter and in spirit.

Food safety lawyer Bill Marler advises Chipotle to follow a 12-step program to create an effective culture of food safety from top down and bottom up within the company.  For example, he advises the company’s CEO, Steve Ells to say:

  • It is time to have a culture of food safety added to the “integrity” of the food. I have now learned that bacteria and viruses do not care a whit if my food’s ingredients are organic, sustainable, non-GMO and humanely raised.
  • I am going to hire a vice-president of Food Safety. That person will report directly to me and to the Board of Directors. Like Dave Theno being brought in to address the Jack-in-the-Box crisis of 1993, this person will have the resources and access to decision makers to create a culture of food safety from the top down.
  • The company’s new mantra – “Safe Food with Integrity” – will be completely transparent and shared with all – including our competitors.

Will Ells take his advice?  I hope so.