FBI now watching this blog – government planning on false-flag attack on nanny state shills?

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I guess the feds really do believe that obesity truth, exposing CSPI’s ties to the food industry and Monsanto, how PETA’s “naked body scanner” propaganda, saying “PETA equates fur/leather wearers and meat eaters with al-Qaeda”, and exposing how PETA and PCRM shill for a beef/dairy industry front is extremist activity.

I’m going to make a prediction: Remember when I said that the Nanny State Liberation Front may be a COINTELPRO operation to be used to associate true “anti-nanny staters” with domestic terrorism? I think the government is planning on using the public’s anger over the steamrolling of S.510 by staging some kind of false-flag attack on a “food cop” such as Michael Jacobson or MeMe Roth or Marion Nestle and claim that the Nanny State Liberation Front was behind it and use that as a pretext to go after anybody who speaks out against CSPI, PETA, and the nanny state in general.

Banned PETA naked body scanner ad says people who wear fur and leather are with al-Qaeda

And who was featured in the propaganda piece? Why none other than PETA’s favorite silicone spokes-shill, Pamela Anderson. Pamela, I hope you’re happy that you’re spewing propaganda for cancer-causing naked body scanners.

But the HUGE message of the ad is PETA fully revealing their belief that people who don’t conform to their fascist agenda of “no fur”, “no leather”, “no animal skins”, “no meat”, “no dairy”, “no eggs” are domestic terrorists on par with al-Qaeda.

Click here to view the disgusting propaganda ad.

My message to PETA?

Homeland Security now considers “obesity truth” to be extremist activity

I must point out that my blog is now being scrutinized by the Department of Homeland Security. I have blog tracking software installed, and the DHS visited my “PETA naked body scanner propaganda” article as well as my satirical “CSPI, Sunstein team up to debunk obesity conspiracy theories” article. I guess “obesity truth” is now viewed by Big Sis as “extremist activity”. Perhaps CSPI and Sunstein have already teamed up to go after “obesity troofers”. All I can say is “Bring it on, bitches.

CSPI’s Michael Jacobson smears “obesity truthers” and anti-Monsanto activists as dangerous extremists


And the asshole even has the gall to DEFEND Monsanto and smear any Monsanto ties to the food “safety” bill as “conspiracy theory”. In addition, Jacobson uses the term “radical blogs” to smear purveyors of such. In other words, Michael F. Jacobson is now openly calling anti-Monsanto activists and “obesity truthers” as dangerous extremists. I posted a comment on the article where I questioned the integrity of both Jacobson and CSPI for their ties to Monsanto and how CSPI’s NANA coalition is controlled by Monsanto front groups. In addition, I exposed in the comment that Monsanto created the obesity/diabetes epidemics with corn subsidies, HFCS, aspartame, MSG, and GMOs. The last time I commented on one of Jacobson’s propaganda pieces, the comment was approved. This time, I was not so lucky for my comment was not approved. “Obesity truth” is a topic which must be censored by the true perpetrators of the obesity epidemic. They cannot allow the sheeple to know that they helped create the crisis so they can present the “solution” which does not solve the crisis; if anything, the “solution” makes the crisis worse.

Notice how Goebbelson plays the “conspiracy theory” card to dismiss anybody who says Monsanto wrote the bill as “conspiracy theorists”. And also notice how he mentions the internet. Remember, Cass Sunstein wants to censor the internet by banning “conspiracy theorizing”. This is a perfect example of how government shills and intellectual cowards use the term “conspiracy theory” to diffuse criticism of powerful organizations (such as the CFR, Bilderberg, and Monsanto). Here is the spokes-scum smearing anti-Monsanto activists – and probably “obesity truthers”, as evident by my blog tracking software which has caught the Department of Homeland Security spying on some “obesity truth” articles – as “conspiracy theorists” and extremists

Surely it is time to look beyond the more radical blogging about dire consequences of various food safety bills, and recognize how the Senate’s S. 510 has addressed legitimate concerns that federal regulations may overburden small, local producers and processors. Importantly, this bill is NOT about protecting or promoting businesses large or small. It is about protecting us consumers from preventable illnesses caused by unsafe practices by producers. (BULLSHIT! The fucking bill was written by the fucking food industry, Goebbelson! YOUR Monsanto overlords created the crisis! THIS IS YOUR REICHSTAG FIRE! REICHSTAG, GOEBBELSON! REICHSTAG! REICHSTAG!)

The bill would place responsibility for producing safe food directly on the businesses that make and sell food, and it would allow them to design the plans for achieving that purpose. Even so, the scope of the regulations is limited in the latest version of this bill to specifically ensure that small, local food production is able to thrive — while still making safety a priority. It does this by exempting a processor or farm that is a very small business or has less than $500,000 in sales made primarily made directly to consumers or through local retailers. That does not mean they get a pass on food safety. Current federal food safety laws and State laws will continue to apply to these small businesses. It is time to put aside conspiracy theories that have bubbled around the Internet and often have no connection to provisions of S. 510. (Notice how Goebbelson plays the “conspiracy theory” card to dismiss anybody who says Monsanto wrote the bill as “conspiracy theorists”. And also notice how he mentions the internet. Remember, Cass Sunstein wants to censor the internet by banning “conspiracy theorizing”.

My comment which was rejected:

Oh so “obesity truth” is now radical blogging? Am I a dangerous extremist for exposing how your NANA coalition has several Monsanto front groups as steering committee members and that the food “safety” czar is a former Monsanto lawyer? Am I a dangerous extremist for exposing the food industry links to CSPI? YOUR Monsanto overlords created the obesity/diabetes epidemics with corn subsidies, HFCS, aspartame, and MSG. I’m an “obesity troofer” and I wear that label proudly. Oh, and having a LAWYER who isn’t even a scientist shilling for GMO foods as Gregory Jaffe does? I’m beginning to think that you have as much credibility as your fellow Monsanto shill Rick Berman……ZERO.

FBI/CIA operative Fred Phelps now cheering the death of CHILDREN!

Kan. Church Plans To Picket Child Funerals
Westboro Baptist Church Cheers Child Deaths
POSTED: 9:38 pm CST November 17, 2010
UPDATED: 9:58 am CST November 18, 2010

TOPEKA, Kan. — A controversial Kansas church is changing its protest plan after an incident in Oklahoma last week.

Members of the Westboro Baptist Church said they want revenge after someone slashed the tires on their van during visit to protest a military funeral in McAlester. The group said it plans to now target funerals for Oklahoma children.

The group said it planned to picket the funeral of an 8-year-old Burneyville girl who died in an accident at the Love County Fairgrounds last week, although no protesters were seen near the services. The group said it would be in Owasso on Thursday to protest the funeral of a girl who died in a car crash.

The Westboro Baptist Church’s website now reads “God Hates Oklahoma” and “The Lord curses them by killing Oklahoma’s children and casting them into hell. Thank God for more dead children in Oklahoma.”


United Nations votes to allow dictators to execute gays

Editor’s comment: I am not gay, however I do feel that people have the right to choose what lifestyle they want to live. It is a crime against humanity to genocide a whole group of people regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, national origin, religion (or lack thereof), or political affiliation.

The United Nations has removed a plea for lesbians, gays and bisexuals not to be executed in a narrow vote.

For the last 10 years sexual orientation has been included in a list of discriminatory grounds for executions – gay rights activists say the vote to remove that listing is “dangerous and disturbing.”

The UN resolution urges countries to protect the right to life of all people, calling on them to investigate killings based on discriminatory grounds. Sexual orientation was previously listed as one of these forms of discrimination, alongside ethnicity, religious belief and linguistic minorities.

Others protected by the resolution were human rights defenders (like journalists, lawyers and demonstrators), street children and members of indigenous communities.

But now sexual orientation has been taken out of the list. The amendment was supported by Benin in Africa on behalf of the African Group in the UN General Assembly. It passed on a narrow vote of 79 for, 70 against , 17 abstentions and 26 absent.

Some of those voting to remove sexual orientation were countries where gays are known to be or thought to be executed or summarily killed including Iran, Nigeria, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Iraq.

The UK, US, Australia, New Zealand and many European countries voted in favour of gays…


Terrorism watchlist now being used to make it harder to buy a car.

Buying a Car a Little Harder Now

Terror Check Required for Financing


November 13, 2010 – By JENNIFER COMPSTON-STROUGH City Editor

ST. CLAIRSVILLE – If you’re in the market for a car, be prepared to prove you are not a terrorist.

The federal government’s Red Flags Rule mandates that auto dealers, banks, credit unions and other “creditors” and “financial institutions” take additional steps to prevent identity theft and fraud, beginning Jan. 1. Included in the list of so-called creditors is your family doctor.

Among those steps is determining whether a person applying for financing – or even paying cash for a car – appears on any government watch lists of known or suspected terrorists or terrorist organizations.

As a result, consumers hoping to finance a new or used car, a home or even a major appliance will be required to supply personal information – such as their Social Security number and birth date, as well as the answers to five questions designed to confirm a customer is who they say they are – to the business at the time of the sale. Those questions could include anything from previous addresses and area codes to the names of other members of the consumer’s household.

Thomas Garage Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep in St. Clairsville uses a software called Wise Scan ID to simplify the search of public records and the 475-page Office of Foreign Assets Control “Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons” list, commonly referred to as the terror watch list.

Anyone can view the “SDN List” online at www.treas.gov/offices/enforcement/ofac/sdn/.


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