#RadicalVegans now saying you are #AntiSemitic if you oppose #TysonFoods’ involvement in #LabGrownBeef.

Just found this new comment from CDLver defending Tyson Foods’ involvement in lab grown beef, and now he’s playing the “anti-semite” card:

The only reason you bitch about Tyson Foods’ involvement in lab grown beef is because the lab grown beef company they invested in is Israeli Jewish-owned, Jew hater.


The radical vegans who defend lab grown beef are incapable of properly defending their hypocrisy, so now they are resorting to ad hominem personal attacks by accusing you of bigotry against races and religions.


#Infowars censors me for exposing #RadicalVeganism and #PETA as #BigMeat #FalseFlag operations. #censorship #AlexJones #PaulJosephWatson #CDLver


“CDLretard” is CDLver. Apparently, CDLver has created a Disqus account just to harass me with claims I’m a fake vegan and my viewpoints on lab grown beef are conspiracy theories , even alleging that “fetal bovine serum” is not used to make lab grown beef when this Mother Jones article states otherwise.


Why #PETA needs to check its #WhitePrivilege. #SamRiddle

Q: Name one non-white PETA executive.

A: None.

Q: Name any black person who has been attacked by PETA for criticizing them or not toeing the vegan line.

A: Sam Riddle (even accused by PETA of “hate speech”), Janet Jackson (“fur shamed” by PETA), Michael Jackson (for his Neverland Ranch zoo)

Q: Name a group which has mocked the Holocaust by comparing Jews to chickens (and also a group which gasses innocent dogs and cats like the Nazis gassed the Jews).


Bottom line, PETA needs to check its white privilege.


#PETA goes full #racist, accuses black man of #HateSpeech for criticizing them.


PETA took offense to the racism allegation — calling it “hate speech” and “mean-spiritedness” — and issued this statement:

“At PETA, we combat hate speech like this with pleas for compassion for each other,” the statement read.  “We live by the principle of nonviolence, and since our inception, we have opposed all discrimination—but sadly, some of those who appeal for understanding are not always understanding themselves.”

So there you have it. PETA has officially stated that if you criticize them, you are engaging in hate speech. This is just a tactic they are playing in order to censor their critics and opponents.


Review: #Linspire CE Office365

Gonna do something I have not done for a long time: a review.

I obtained the new Linspire CE Office365 operating system from linspirelinux.com and “burned” it to my USB flash drive and installed it on my laptop.

The installation process is as straightforward as an installation of Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu. (Linspire CE Office365 uses the KDE Plasma 5 desktop, so if you’re familiar with Kubuntu, you should be familiar with Linspire CE Office365.)

Once you boot into the installed system, you are greeted with a very beautilful and elegant desktop. (Linspire has always had a beautiful desktop dating back to the Linspire 4,5 and Linspire Five-0 days.)

Linspire CE Office365 is sort of a barebones edition of Linspire compared to Linspire 7.0 SP1. It includes only a few essential apps (Google Chrome, VLC, and Skype) and some built-in Microsoft-centric web apps, namely the Microsoft Office365 suite, Microsoft OneDrive, and Microsoft Outlook Web.

The system is very easy to use and runs very well on my laptop which has 8 GB RAM, a quad-core Intel i5 CPU running at 2.67 GHz, and a 2 TB hard disk drive.

As with past editions of Linspire, you have full compatibility with most – if not all – popular multimedia codecs including MP3, Quicktime, MP4, and AVI. (I have not tested encrypted DVD playback.)

If you want to install offline apps such as LibreOffice, you can easily do so in a terminal using sudo apt install [package name], the Synaptic Package Manager, or the included App Grid app store. (I have reason to believe that Linspire’s upcoming revived Click N Run – CNR – service will be based on App Grid.)

Linspire CE Office365 is not free, however. Linspire CE Office365 – and the regular Linspire CE – costs $59.99 to download.

One thing I did after installing Linspire CE Office365 was to install the Linux 4.15.0-22-generic kernel as well as add the KDE Neon repository to update KDE Plasma 5 to version 5.12. KDE Plasma 5.12 is a welcome upgrade as it includes several new features and new widgets not included with version 5.8 which is included with Linspire CE Office365. KDE Plasma 5.12 includes an “icon-only task manager” widget for your taskbar which lets you pin apps to the taskbar just like Windows 7 and Windows 10.

I have to say I am very pleased with the performance of Linspire CE Office365. I appreciate how the system allows you to use web apps in tandem with offline apps.


#NaturalNews engages in #cybersquatting against #WholeFoods. #WholeFoodsMarket #GMO #Monsanto #MikeAdams


Notice how the typeface of the site logo is reminiscent of the Whole Foods Market logo.

And most of the articles on the right-hand feed come straight from Natural News.

I personally believe Mike Adams is an agent provocateur and is deliberately trying to incite some mass shooting at either a Whole Foods store or Whole Foods corporate HQs as a pretext to put all anti-GMO activists on some terrorist watchlist and have anti-GMO opinions censored from the web.

We have already seen radical pro-GMO vegans threaten to have RT’s YouTube channel terminated for its anti-GMO videos, using the false guise of “fake news” and “Russian propaganda”.

Mike Adams has even said that anti-GMO activists should murder pro-GMO scientists and pro-GMO journalists for their “crimes against humanity”.



#RadicalVegan implies that anti-#GMO activism is a “#BigMeat #psyop”.

A comment on this video from everybody’s pro-GMO “vegan” – the Unnatural Vegan – who implies that being anti-GMO is being anti-vegan.

Agreed. It would not surprise me if GMO trooferism is a Big Meat psyop and these anti-GMO loons are actually paid by the meat industry to spew GMO troofer conspiracy nonsense on vegan channels so Big Meat can turn around and say “vegans believe GMOs are dangerous and Monsanto controls the world”.
Notice the buzzwords from the Monsanto shill: “trooferism”, “troofer”, and “conspiracy nonsense”. These buzzwords remind me of the buzzwords used by GWB shill Troyfromwestvirginia against anybody who questioned 9/11. He used buzzwords such as “troofer”, “twoofer”, “loony”, “loonfuck”, “nutfuck”, and “loonwaffle”.
Beardogg actually implied that “Big Meat” – a convenient boogeyman for phony “radical vegans” who do more damage to veganism than any meat eater of meat industry front group – pays operatives to troll vegan bloggers and vegan YouTubers and spew “GMO troof” in order to make all vegans look like they are “anti-science”.