@Infowars allows commenters to make #AntiSemitic comments about, #DeathThreats against @SarahKSilverman. #AntiSemitism @RealAlexJones

Just a collection of sick comments left on this article:

Transmitting any threatening remarks via email or forums is a federal offense and carries a maximum penalty of up to 5 years in federal prison per offense. And while federal law currently does not carry criminal penalties for forum owners/moderators who refuse to moderate such threatening comments (including deleting comments and banning people for making such threatening comments), forum moderators can be held liable for civil punitive damages.

Even though Alex Jones cannot be arrested for not censoring threatening comments, his refusal to censor such comments is indication that he supports using such threatening and hateful remarks against anybody whom he does not like.


#Chilihead #recipe: Satan’s Hate Noodles of Ass Destruction. #RamenNoodles #CarolinaReaper #GhostPepper #InstantNoodles

Ingredients (NOTE – this is definitely NOT a non-GMO recipe):

  • 1 pkg. instant noodles
  • 1 tsp. Carolina Reaper hot sauce (eg. Reaper Sling Blade)
  • 1 tsp. ghost chili hot sauce (eg. Dave’s Gourmet)
  • 1/2 tsp. salt
  • 1/2 tsp. black pepper
  • 1/2 tsp. ground cayenne pepper
  • (Optional) soy sauce


  1. In a medium sized bowl, add salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, Carolina reaper sauce, and ghost chili sauce.
  2. Add instant noodles to boiling water and cook thoroughly. (For vegetarian instant noodles, avoid those with animal flavoring – chicken, beef, shrimp – already mixed in. Some instant noodle packages keep animal flavoring separate in its own flavoring pouch.)
  3. Remove noodles from heat and add to bowl.
  4. Stir to evenly blend ingredients together.
  5. Serve hot. You may opt to add and mix in soy sauce.



Are #Trump operatives sending phony #DeathThreats to #AjitPai in order to discredit #NetNeutrality supporters? #FalseFlag #COINTELPRO #Sabotage

Comment: What better way to discredit a movement by infiltrating the movement and sabotaging it from within?

Here’s a common sense article about net neutrality from the left-leaning Slate.

Racist, Threatening Attacks on FCC Chair Ajit Pai Won’t Save Net Neutrality

It’s critically important to oppose FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s policy without harasssing him or his family.

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

This past Tuesday, while many Americans were preoccupied with the logistical nightmare of a house full of disagreeable relatives coming together for Thanksgiving dinner, the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Ajit Pai, dumped the news of his plan to undo the hard-won net neutrality rules that prevent internet providers from charging websites to access internet users at faster speeds.


But freaked-out internet fans didn’t let the holiday food coma prevent them from taking action. They have been organizing, as they should, in hopes of convincing the FCC to hit the brakes on the net neutrality repeal process. The commission could vote to rescind the open internet protections as early as Dec. 14. If that happens, then by as soon as the end of January 2018, internet providers may be able to legally offer websites the option to pay for prioritization, a prospect that will likely leave startups and small websites that can’t afford fast lane speeds slower to load and less likely to attract visitors.


So there is work to be done, and it needs to happen quickly. But instead of focusing the ways that the death of the open internet could undermine how Americans work and communicate, some have turned to criticizing Pai himself, even attempting to intimidate his family. On a segment on Fox News on Monday, Pai said that activists had recently come to his home in suburban Virginia with signs directed at his children.


“They will come to know the truth. Dad murdered democracy in cold blood,” read one sign, according to Fox. “Families … should remain out of it and stop harassing us at our homes,” Pai said on Fox & Friends.


It wasn’t the first time that activists apparently showed up near his home. Menacing, handwritten signs also appeared in Pai’s local neighborhood, including one that named his children and the question, “How will they ever look you in the eye again?” In May, in what appeared to be a coordinated campaign by the advocacy group Popular Resistance, people left flyers on Pai’s neighbors’ doors that included his his picture, age, and weight. Unfortunately, such attacks aren’t new to Pai, who has endured a steady stream of racist, lewd, and threatening backlash since April, when he introduced his intention to gut the net neutrality rules.


“Fuck ing brown immigrant comin over here and tryna fu ck over our american freedoms. GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY YOU DIRTY SNEAKY INDIAN,” wrote one commenter on the FCC’s docket in May.


“We all have the power to murder Ajit Pai and his family. Jk Jk,” another commenter wrote, as though the “Jk Jk” makes it OK.


There’s a lot to be angry about when it comes to the process to turn back net neutrality protections. It’s been mired by deeply troubling irregularities: The public comment docket is loaded with submissions from bots and dead people, not to mention a suspicious cyberattack on the FCC’s comment system, which is currently under investigation. But these disgusting ad-hominem attacks on the FCC chairmen do absolutely nothing to help the cause of net neutrality.


Before becoming a journalist, I worked on various tech policy issues, including network neutrality at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, where I blogged about the importance of protecting open internet regulations. My work at Slate today is informed by my researched and strong opinion that it’s critically important to prevent internet providers from deciding what websites get to load faster than others. I fully realize that it is a dense, technical, confusing topic, and that it is difficult to build a public campaign around regulating internet traffic speeds.


But the solution is not to send racist comments to Pai and threaten his family, or to circulate internet memes depicting Pai’s face surrounded by lewd sexual imagery. Such tactics have absolutely nothing to with the substance of Pai’s anti-net neutrality proposal—and there is plenty there to mock and criticize.


So please, if you do want to participate in the public debate over saving network neutrality, stick to the facts and your personal stories about why accessing an open internet is important to you. Send comments to the FCC. Call your member of Congress. Demonstrate at the FCC or Comcast or AT&T or Verizon. Hang signs. Share information online. And if you do see a tweet or comment personally attacking Ajit Pai or his family, consider reporting or condemning it. The FCC is expected to vote to rescind net neutrality in less than three weeks. Don’t squander the narrow window on useless or even worse, harassing messages. The fate of the internet is at stake.


Future Tense is a partnership of SlateNew America, and Arizona State University.

April Glaser is a Slate technology writer. Follow her on Twitter.


#Liberal calls for “handing #Trump over to #ISIS”.

Comment: I don’ like Trump, but this comment was uncalled for. This is the type of speech which gets liberals spied on by the intelligence networks for possible extremist activity. Shame on you, Darrin Hazelwood.

While I do agree that Trump is an Islamophobe, I don’t want him – or any other person – handed over to a bunch of violent extremists whose answer to dealing with infidels is to behead them.


Darrin Hazelwood’s Facebook accouint can be viewed here.


#WWE releases longtime music producer #JimJohnston. #AgeDiscrimination

If WWE hires younger people in Johnston’s place, Johnston should file an age discrimination lawsuit.

Johnston has been producing music for the WWE for over 30 years. Among his works include entrance themes such as The Undertaker and several production themes. In 2014, Johnston’s work was reduced by the WWE when they decided to recruit The CFO$ to produce the majority of WWE music.

If there is age discrimination in play, then WWE should be punished with monetary damages.


URGENT! Texas horse ranchers caught using Facebook to sell wild zebra for canned hunt in America. #BowieAuctionHorses

Just found this from FOX 13 WTVT’s Cynthia Smoot:


After doing a quick Google search, I obtained the following information about Bowie Auction Sales:

Enda O’Dwyer
1328 FM 174
Bowie, TX 76230




The end of #NetNeutrality will result in #InternetCensorship. #Censorship #TieredInternet


Internet censorship will be accomplished by either putting fringe websites – Mercola, Infowars, etc. – on a high-priced add-on tier or blocking access to fringe websites altogether.

Overpriced access to fringe sites is stealth censorship.

When you are forced to pay huge fees to access fringe websites and cannot afford to pay the fees, you are being censored.

The so-called “infowarriors” – the Alex Jones supporters – have long clamored to repeal Obama’s net neutrality which was falsely claimed by Alex Jones to be internet censorship.

Nobody blocked access to your precious Infowars, Jones. Nobody blocked access to your YouTube channel. Nobody blocked access to your podcast. Nobody blocked access to your radio show with software such as Winamp.

It’s time to stop spreading lies about net neutrality.

It’s time to defend net neutrality.

Our only hope is for a federal judge to block Trump’s net neutrality repeal.