#Zionist blog says I’m #antisemitic for exposing #CocaCola’s ties to #NaziGermany and being anti-#GMO. #Bilderberg #Monsanto #50Cent #Fiddy

The title of the blog? “Jew Haters”.

Let me make this clear, you ziotwat. I hate leftist Jews who shill for a global government. I love conservative Jews who want to live in peace.

So why does this blog imply I’m anti-semitic for exposing Coca-Cola’s ties to Nazi Germany? Maybe it has to do with the fact that the CEO of Coca-Cola is a member of the Bilderberg Group which the ADL and SPLC says is the favorite target of “anti-semitic conspiracy theories”?

And why does the blog insinuate that I’m anti-semitic for my opposition to GMOs? Because Monsanto is a “favorite target” of….you guessed it, “anti-semitic conspiracy theories”.

Coca Cola Nazi Madness


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