Why #leftist #Jews such as #SarahSilverman are allowed to promote #hatespeech. #Hitler #Nazis #ChelseaHandler

Way to mock the Nazis’ execution of millions of Jews, you vile Nazi cunt.


So will Chelsea Handler call for Sarah Silverman to be arrested for this?

Of course not because leftist Jews are allowed to openly mock the Holocaust (as seen with PETA’s “Holocaust on Your Plate” which was created by a Zionist Jew), while conservative Jews are threatened with arrest for equating PETA’s execution of dogs and cats with the Nazis’ execution of Jews.

Now you know why leftist Jews are in bed with radical Muslims and the ISIS cause. Because the leftist Jews funded the Nazi Party and helped the Nazis kill conservative Jews who wanted nothing but peace.

See, conservative Jews did not want a bloody world war. Conservative Jews wanted freedom. But leftist Jews wanted a bloody world war so they could set up their New World Order.

Conservative Jews are Jews. Leftist Jews are Nazis.


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