#PaulMcCartney is the #Vegan #Hitler, turns #veganism into #Nazism. #VeganHitler #VeganNazi #VeganNazis

My comment: If you want to be a vegan, that’s fine. But when you act like a fucking Nazi dictator and demand that everybody has to follow your beliefs, then you are a fucking piece of shit.

This is the face of ethical veganism. This just shows that vegans are to meat eaters as the Nazis were to Jews. Ethical veganism is all about nitpicking, bullying, and acting like Adolf Hitler. Ethical vegans are the new Nazis – the purified master race – and meat eaters are the new Jewish scum who deserve to be treated worse than the dogs and cats routinely murdered by PETA every year.

And what happens when you criticize ethical vegans for acting like Nazis? They declare that you are promoting hate speech and call for you to be censored and arrested.

As a vegan myself, I am fed up with intolerant motherfuckers like you Paul McCartney who help to paint all vegans as Nazis so the meat industry can make fun of us and call for us to be spied on by Trump’s Homeland Security.

Truth is, Paul McCartney, you are a false-flag agent the meat industry who pays you to act like a hateful piece of shit in order to discredit veganism and/or any criticism of Big Ag.

Sir Paul McCartney demanded only vegan food sold at concert


Sir Paul McCartney reportedly “demanded” that only vegan food was sold at his concert in Tinley Park on Wednesday (07.26.17) evening.

The 75-year-old rocker – who has been a longtime animal activist – has followed a vegetarian lifestyle for years, so it was hardly surprising that he requested that the only grub served up in the concourse of his gig in Illinois was meat free and dairy free.

A fan called Emily – who goes by the handle plantifulemily – took to her Twitter account during the concert last night to post a screenshot of a text that her parents, who attended the gig, had sent her of the compassionate menu on display at the event.

The delicious food on offer included buffalo cauliflower and fries ($12), vegan chili fries ($8) and vegan nacho grande ($10.50) as well as a bottle of red wine for $37.00.

Emily accompanied the shot with the caption: “my parents are at the Paul McCartney concert and he demanded that there only be vegan food, king! (sic)”

And this isn’t the first time the Beatles legend has tried to encourage other people to follow a vegetarian diet as he previously banned animal food products from his rider.

The meat-free demands were reportedly part of the terms and conditions of Paul playing in the province of Saskatchewan in Canada in 2013 – meaning he wouldn’t perform unless show organisers confirmed no meat would be eaten backstage.

He also made a similar demand in 2002 when he was on his ‘Driving’ USA tour as he said he didn’t want any furniture in his dressing room to be made of animals.

It reportedly said: “It is crucial you do not provide furniture made of any animal skin or print. Do not provide artificial versions of animal skin or print either. Only animal free materials are excepted. (cottons, denims, velour, etc.)”



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