@CtrMedProgress is a #FalseFlag organization run by @PPact. #PlannedParenthood #CenterForMedicalProgress

My reasoning that the Center for Medical Progress is a false-flag operation run by Planned Parenthood is as follows:

  • Despite using their YouTube channel to blantantly upload videos illegally recorded in violation of California’s “two-party consent” law which makes such recordings a felony, the Center for Medical Progress’ YouTube channel remains active and has not been terminated for violating YouTube’s terms of service.
  • The Center for Medical Progress’ illegal actions clearly serve as a means to discredit anybody who opposes unfettered abortion including late-term abortion and associate anti-abortion activists with the Center for Medical Progress’ criminal actions and their utter disregard for privacy and private property.

Concerning my first bullet point, YouTube personality Troy Sexton – aka TroyFromWestVirginia – had a YouTube channel called “AlexJonesWrongAgain” which he used to secretly record phone conversations with 9/11 truthers such as Bob McIlvane and Carlos Milan. Most of Sexton’s targets lived in states which had “one party consent” laws which require the consent of only one party member which is usually the person doing the recording. Those videos were perfectly legal. However, Carlos Milan lived in Florida at the time, and Florida is a “two party consent” state. So despite Sexton living in West Virginia which is a “one party consent” state, Sexton was still breaking Florida law.

So how come Troy Sexton gets a YouTube account terminated for violating a state’s “two party consent”  law once, yet the Center for Medical Progress gets to keep their YouTube channel despite violating California’s “two party consent” law at least TEN times?

The Center for Medical Progress is a false-flag organization run by Planned Parenthood and is being used on purpose to ban the free speech rights of anti-abortion activists by associating anti-abortion activism with illegal wiretapping.


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