#ShiaLaBeouf: A victim of #BigAlcohol. #Alcohol #Alcoholic #Alcoholism

I feel sympathy for Shia LaBeouf. He is clearly a victim of alcohol abuse which is encouraged by Big Alcohol and its many front groups including the American Beverage Institute which is run by millionaire lobbyist – and overall scumbag – Rick Berman who also takes money from Monsanto to shill for GMO foods and smear GMO skeptics as “loonies”.

Shia, if you read this, please don’t let your hatred of Trump cause you to go so far down the path of alcoholism that it puts you in an early grave. Don’t let Big Alcohol control your life. Please get some help. Please get counseling. Please attend AA meetings. Please get help before it’s too late.

I saw where Infowars attacked you and claimed you went on a racist tirade against the cops. That’s bullshit, and even Infowars knows it. They’re only attacking you because they are a Trump propaganda outfit. Apparently, according to Infowars, free speech only applies to those who agree with Trump.





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