#AlexJones paid by #Monsanto to promote crazy #GMO #conspiracytheories. #AlexJonesIsCOINTELPRO

Comment: Alex Jones is clearly paid by Monsanto to discrdit the anti-GMO movement by spewing whackjob GMO conspiracy theories. This is why GMO shills such as the Center for Consumer Freedom and Stephen Milloy from Junkscience.com routinely smear GMO skeptics as conspiracy theorists.

One of these days, Jones is gonna cause some lone wolf nutjob to take a gun to Monsanto’s headquarters in Saint Louis and open fire and kill a bunch of Monsanto employees all because of Jones’ insane conspiracy theories on GMOs and Monsanto.

Alex Jones is a dangerous extremist who inspires nutjobs into violence.

Alex Jones works for Monsanto. End of discussion.



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