#WWE plays the perfect #falseflag angle with #EnzoAndCass. #ReichstagFire #InsideJob #MontrealScrewjob

For several weeks on WWE TV, they had Enzo Amore ambushed off-screen by a then-unknown assailant. Shortly after the first attack, WWE showed (kayfabe) security footage of WWE tag team The Revival walking in the background while Enzo was shown in the foreground. This security footage supposedly happened right before Enzo’s off-screen attack.

Over the next several weeks, Enzo would be attacked off-screen and found by WWE officials and his tag team partner Big Cass who vowed to find out who was behind the attacks.

A few weeks ago, allegations began to surface that Cass was the one behind the attacks, and he threatened anybody – including announcers – making such allegations.

Not long after that, Cass was supposedly found unconscious, and after Enzo and Cass met with the Big Show, Big Show was accused by Cass of being the attacker. Big Show replied by saying if he was going to attack anybody, he would attack them from the front and not from behind like a coward.

Last week, it was revealed that Cass faked being attacked – via (kayfabe) security footage – and was indeed the one attacking Enzo.

Sounds eerily similar to false-flag incidents such as 9/11 and the Reichstag Fire, doesn’t it? There’s also allegations that the Montreal Screwjob was orchestrated by Vince McMahon, Pat Patterson, and Bret Hart as a way of writing Hart out of the then-WWF.Enzo-Amore-attacked


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