#YouTube’s adult policy says #fetish content is banned, so why does fetish content remain? #ASMR #sneezing #sneezefetish

YouTube’s adult policy:

Adult content in ads

Advertising is not permitted for the promotion of any adult or pornographic content on YouTube. Advertisements containing adult or sexually explicit content are also prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Pornography
  • Nudity (including pixelated imagery)
  • Sexual acts that are blurred, pixelated, or has stars and bars, whether real or implied
  • Fetish content
  • Sexual abuse
  • Exposed or minimally covered breasts, buttocks, or genitals
  • Sexually suggestive poses
  • Concentrated attention on particular body parts in a gratuitous manner
  • Adult toys and lubricants

Please note that YouTube does not allow this content regardless of whether or not the ad complies with government regulations on this kind of advertising.

What we consider as adult content in video ads:

  • Whether breasts, buttocks or genitals (clothed or unclothed) are the focal point of the video
  • Whether the video context is sexually suggestive (e.g, subject is depicted in a pose that is intended to arouse the viewer)
  • Whether the language used in the video is vulgar and/or lewd
  • Other factors include the camera angle and focus, and the clarity of the images in the video

Years ago, YouTube was flooded with pygophilia (butt fetish) videos where perverts would secretly record  female buttocks in tight-fitting clothes. Most of the time, the subjects in these videos were underaged girls.

However, fetish content – including ASMR and sneezing – still remains on YouTube. I’ve already exposed how ASMR fetishists are using their fetish videos to make MKULTRA-style mind control sexy, and today I exposed how a pedophile made a sneeze fetish video to seduce and sexualize underaged girls.

There are several YouTube sneeze fetish channels which not only openly take pride in making such content for the “enjoyment” of others, but they also have advertising sponsorship.

Despite YouTube policy which specifically states that fetish content is not permitted, fetish content remains.




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