#Reddit user claims #RichardStallman is a #Zionist #falseflag agent of #Microsoft. #RMS #RichardMStallman #Stallman

Anonymous sounds like a paid Microsoft troll.


Anonymous Wed Jan 23 23:53:23 2013

how do I protect my freedoms without becoming stallman tier?

Anonymous Thu Jan 24 01:10:23 2013

You can’t, but that’s by design. Stallman is a Zionist agent who’s job it is to run a smear campaign against the ideals of free and open software by grouping them together with other radical and nonsensical opinions and presenting it as a whole. Everything from his appearance and voice, to his autistic personality, was crafted to both drive rational people away (thus fragmenting the FOSS community) and bring similarly irrational people together, cementing the public image of the FOSS movement as run by idealistic hippies.


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