#Pedophiles caught using #homophobic slurs on #YouTube against their critics. #hatespeech

I was on YouTube and stumbled on a video titled “Steppe Flower walking barefoot in a field”. I looked up information on Steppe Flower and discovered that it is part of a disturbing trend of so-called “teen model” sites which sexualize underaged girls and make money from pedophiles paying membership fees so they can download videos of underaged girls in provocative poses and various stages of undress.

Some of the disturbing comments from pedophiles on YouTube:

This is pure, sheer beauty. Innocent God creature just happy to be alive. Great taste. Every young girl should have a video like this one recording life. Congratulations to both: the model & the creator of this gem.
A pretty girl with pretty feet, who goes barefoot, is a gift from Nature. It’s beauty at its most. It’s poetry. A girl who walks barefoot outside, in the street, in public places, shows she’s a free spirit, she’s natural, she’s delicate and feminine… but, at the very same time, determined and tough… she wants to be barefoot and is able to walk like that no matter how rough or hot the ground is. Her dirty soles are well inured, leathery, as nature intented, ready to take her wherever she wants. The dirt highlights the curves of her well shaped feet, by leaving only her arches clean and pristine. Tough soles are the price, and they are beautiful by themselves. A pretty girl with tough soles shows that she’s pure, delicate, but strong too… and sexy !
Am i a pedo if i jerk off to this?
In fact, a girl barefoot is much nicer (and sexier) than a girl in boots. And this, because who goes barefoot is healthier and more intelligent than someone who goes shoes !
Sexy feet
This video is foot fetish approved!
Help me! I’m thinking of very illegal things… lol
Now when the pedophiles are called out on their creepiness, they resort to homophobic slurs. Here’s one interchange between a pedo and a non-pedo:
Hot?… fuckin pedophile
If you don’t think she is beautiful, then you are DEFINATELY a fag!
she looks 12 years old. There is nothing HOT about about a young kid. That doesnt make me a fag.
Any man that doesn’t enjoy the beauty of a girl is a fag, plain and simple.
Here’s another gem from a “tolerant” pedophile:
To all of you fags on here talking crap and calling everyone pedo for their preference for hot young girls can take your AIDS infected asses back to the boring boy side of youtube. No one asked you to click on this video so get the fuck off. No one cares what you think. Your opinion doesn’t mean shit. GAY HOMOS!
And another:
Hey. Remove the comments from the gay men on here. They are not wanted.
Another commented also mentioned that Steppe Flower is one of the “tamer” sites and that another site features an underaged girl naked in the shower and apparently masturbating by spraying water between her legs.
One commenter summed it up perfectly:
If you lust after underaged girls, even if you don’t watch/download kiddie porn or touch underaged girls, you are a pedophile. There is no such thing as a “virtuous pedophile” as Todd Nickerson wants you to believe. You’re either a pedophile or not. Plain and simple.

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