#Trump, #Putin to use #Russian website to frame political enemies as child pornographers? #falseflag #cyberattacks

Keep in mind that there is a Russian image sharing website which pedophiles use to share child pornography. Could that website actually be a Kremlin front used to gather data on visitors with the information shared between the Kremlin and Trump’s CIA? All they have to do is hack into a person’s computer and plant illegal files and then alert the authorities.

Dec 12, 2016

In a sinister twist on an old form of information warfare, Russia is allegedly infecting the computers of Kremlin opponents with child pornography in order to discredit them. In some cases, this has led to the targets facing police investigations and public humiliation.

One of the targets was Vladimir K. Bukovsky, a longtime Russian dissident who lives in London. According to the The New York Times, British police burst into Bukovsky’s apartment last year and hauled away two computers before charging him with making and distributing child pornography.

The prosecutors, however, eventually halted the investigation after a forensic review concluded an “unidentified third party” had probably planted the illegal files. Other reported targets of the child porn plants include a Russian environmental activist living in Lithuania and a French cultural executive who ran afoul of officials in the Siberian city of Irkutsk.

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According to the The New York Times article, the campaign to plant child pornography is a nasty expansion of a long-running Russian tactic known as “kompromat” which relies on ruining opponents’ reputations using compromising images:

Old-style kompromat featured doctored photographs, planted drugs, grainy videos of liaisons with prostitutes hired by the K.G.B., and a wide range of other primitive entrapment techniques.

Today, however, kompromat has become allied with the more sophisticated tricks of cybermischief-making where Russia has proved its prowess in the Baltic States, Georgia and Ukraine.

The campaign to frame people as pedophiles also fits within a larger Russian effort to portray human rights activists as degenerates, according to another source in the story.

These tactics may not be limited to the Russian government. The New York Times article also cites Russian hackers, motivated by profit, who post offers on clandestine websites to plant child pornography in order to ruin reputations or get someone arrested. The going price for such a job is reportedly $600, paid in bitcoins.

Meanwhile, the Russian government’s hacking efforts are front and center in other news—including the CIA’s conclusion this week that the Kremlin used hacking as part of a campaign to help Donald Trump during the presidential election.

EXCLUSIVE: Paedophiles raid social networks for children in family photos

PAEDOPHILES are raiding social networking sites for pictures of children on family days out.

PUBLISHED: 00:03, Sun, Jun 8, 2014
paedophiles, kids, computer, children, photos, images, parents, safety, family

Family images have been taken from a photo-sharing website (PIC POSED BY MODEL) [GETTY]


The photos taken by parents are being uploaded to a Russian website for perverts to leer at and make vile comments about them that will horrify the children’s families.

Other images on the photo-sharing site, iMGSRC.RU, have been taken surreptitiously by perverts.

They include images of children playing on a beach in Britain and at a petting farm.

The sinister practice is legal as the photos are not deemed indecent, even though the comments show they are being used for sexual gratification.

Last night crusading MP Simon Danczuk said: “It’s every parent’s worst nightmare for photos of their children to be taken without their knowledge and posted on a website where sick people leer at children.”

Mr Danczuk, who has investigated child abuse in his own constituency of Rochdale, added: “These websites should be shut down immediately.”

Fellow Labour MP Tom Watson, who is working with police to expose paedophile rings, said: “The operators of these giant photo-sharing sites need to deal with these issues promptly.

“The police should track the authors of these sick comments. If they’re as brazen as this they are probably linked to other, illegal activity.”

The online images include photos of boys and girls making sandcastles on a beach in Britain posted by a Birmingham-based paedophile with the username Stuart-49, who made several sickening comments.

Another pervert, Lillegluvr, boasts about “candid” pictures of children on a beach and a car boot sale.

One website user has posted photos of children enjoying a day out at White Post Farm in Nottinghamshire.

Boys and girls are seen bouncing on a trampoline and cuddling rabbits, prompting other iMGSRC.RU members to leave disgusting jokes.

paedophiles, kids, computer, children, photos, images, parents, safety, family, internet

This sinister practice is not technically illegal [GETTY]


Peter Saunders, from the National Association for People Abused in Childhood, said: “Paedophiles, perverts and child abusers will, by any means possible, find ways of satisfying their disgusting habit.

“There needs to be a special task force set up to smash these sort of rings at the source.”

The National Crime Agency does monitor iMGSRC.RU and a spokesman said images are assessed “on a case-by-case basis” but if they are not explicit, there is little the agency can do.

He added: “The NCA works to identify those who pose a risk to children, and hold them to account where crimes have been committed.”

Essex Police have questioned an unnamed man in his 20s in the Rayleigh area after images of teenage girls in Southend were posted to the site.

Anthony Moore from White Post Farm, where some of the images were taken, thanked the Sunday Express for alerting him to the site.

He said: “We are horrified to see images of the farm being used in this way. We have strict procedures in place to limit this sort of thing, we don’t allow single adults in for this very reason. We will be contacting the moderators asking them to take down the images immediately.”

The website also contains images of children known to the paedophiles who pose for them unaware of where their pictures will end up.

In all iMGSRC.RU has 637,000 users and 38 million photographs uploaded, most viewed by normal decent people.

However it has thousands of pictures of children, some that can only be seen using an encrypted password, posted every day despite a policy of “absolutely no child porn”.

When contacted by the Sunday Express the website moderators refused to comment.

We confronted Stuart-49 through an e-mail address listed on his home page but he failed to reply.


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