#Infowars #bans my #IP for exposing them using #racist #stereotype of #Asians. #IPban #Disqus #racism #AlexJones #PaulJosephWatson #PrisonPlanet

#Infowars headline carries on #racist stereotype of Asian men having tiny penises. #racism

Screenshot from 2017-04-28 20-30-03


And what did I get for bringing up the issue of using a racist stereotype against Kim Jong-un? I got banned from Infowars, and every single one of my comments over the years have been deleted.

And what about my other Disqus accounts? They are banned from Infowars as well. Looks like I got IP banned.

Alex Jones is a racist piece of shit, and so is his chief lackey Paul Joseph Watson. And the sad fact is Watson is married to a Chinese woman, and Alex Jones has an adopted Korean sister. I wonder how Watson’s wife and Jones’ sister felt about this racist headline.


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