Alex Jones is Joseph Goebbels. #AlexJones #JosephGoebbels #propaganda

Author:  Mark Alvarez
Bio: Mark Alvarez
Date:  November 16, 2016

Alex Jones is Joseph Goebbels

Alex Jones has become a caricature of Joseph Goebbels. I finally got some sleep.

Alex Jones, like the government in Washington itself, has become a very great menace to the national security of the United States. I feel totally sorry that I ever defended the guy. Alex Jones looks to be an “inside job” himself. Alex’s war on the abstraction “globalism” is a lot like the government’s war on terrorism. He’s there to throw it in our faces that there is evil in Washington. Don’t seek truth and answers, just help take the mask off. Don’t pray for anybody’s deliverance. Instead, morph everything into a tabloid story while taking narratives to an excess. It’s called “paradigm management”.

Alex Jones says the solution to our economic problems is Glass-Steagall. He’s scamming everybody. That’s not the solution. He says the way to defeat the “globalists” is to build a border wall. This implies not wanting to be walled into a torturing police state makes one a “globalist”. Let’s not forget Donald Trump has said he would send U.S. citizens to Guantanamo. It was recently in the news that Trump is planning to double military spending up to $1 trillion.

Trump’s economic plan is the worst of all worlds. Pour on the money supply in juxtaposition with trade restrictionism and closing down the borders. I’ve deconstructed the entire protectionist package. Renegotiating trade deals – as bad as some of them are – won’t repatriate capital. China’s loose monetary policy is not what “takes” our jobs. It’s Washington’s loose monetary policy. Capital naturally gravitates to cheaper, higher-yielding economies. It’s called arbitrage. If China tightened, becoming cheaper, that would precipitate capital outflow to China. I’ve written all about this in several commentaries. For further reference: and and

Trump wants more military spending, more federal funding for more police (who will be taught torture is okay while immigrants are the problem, ending up with trickle down torture), more mega inflation, nominal tax cuts for wealthy beneficiaries of these spread the wealth schemes, and to eliminate welfare for the poor like food stamps. It’s mega welfare for the rich and nothing for the poor. That’s the Trump plan. And somehow the threat facing our economy is immigration. If a wall is built, let it be one that goes through the middle of Infowars studio in Austin.

The way Alex appears to be some kind of agent for some intelligence operation is why I wrote, in a sleep-deprived state, “if Trump makes it into office” (I would like to see Sharron Angle as Secretary of VA) in a prior commentary. Why? Infowars has been promoting the possibility of martial law. If Infowars is promoting that, it’s as if we are being psychologically prepared for such a thing. One has to take that kind of report seriously not because Alex has a lot of credibility, but based upon who he fronts for.

Two reasons I’m such a huge fan of James Comey now. That’s pretty impressive to make so much of Washington upset at you. Also, if he were to resign, all that happens is Trump gets another pick. Hell no. That and I could see how first people from down below were trying to oust him, and then later people from up top. Somebody really wants him ousted, and I can tell you neither the people from down below that were after him or from up top are good people. The FBI has some Infowarrior torturers in its ranks, apparently.

Alex’s broadcasts are even getting weirder and weirder. He is playing this song We Want Your Soul. Alex Jones is a dark, twisted soul. I don’t who or what Alex is channeling, but it can’t be anything but evil. I will pray for Alex that he is delivered from the wicked spirits that oppress him. I pray for the deliverance of Donald Trump as well. May Alex be touched by Jesus and delivered from evil. May he drop to his knees and repent, and stop trying to mislead people.

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