#MeMeRoth calls for #feminist to be arrested for calling her a cunt. #hatespeech

No MeMe, you haven’t been arrested for your vile hate speech against fat people, so why should a woman – and a feminist – be arrested for exercising her free speech by calling you a cunt, you bleached blonde bimbo twatwaffle?

Now though I wasn’t intending MeMe to hear my comment (though I would have gladly told her if she asked me or I thought it would do any good) her reaction brought up a great chance for conversation. My comment was directed to the woman running the studio. As she walked in after the show, I asked if she had been listening to the program, and when she nodded, I said “JESUS, WHAT A CUNT!”

As I asked her to take the above picture wearing the headphones, I heard the conversation still going in the background. “Did you hear what she called me? That woman called me a CUNT! I want that reported! And she calls herself a feminist!”



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