#Antifa is a #CIA #GOP #falseflag group full of #COINTELPRO #provocateurs.

All these so-called “Marxist” uprisings in America are purposely orchestrated by Donald Trump for the following reasons:

  • characterize Democrats as Marxists/socialists/communists
  • characterize Trump’s opponents as Marxists/socialists/communists
  • drum up phony patriotism for a nation which kills innocent men, women, and children overseas
  • set the stage for a false-flag “Antifa-led” coup against the U.S. government which will be used as a pretext for more freedom-restricting laws akin to the USA PATRIOT Act…a law which Trump has said he will use against his political enemies
  • further false-flag “Antifa-led” coup attempts which will result in Trump declaring martial law and the suspension of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights
  • characterizes anybody who protests Trump as “America haters” which makes Trump’s supporters call for restrictions against free speech

Antifa is to Trump as al-Qaeda was to George W. Bush.

al-Qaeda was Bush’s CIA boogeyman front group which was used to push his agenda for further military expansion.

Likewise, Antifa is Trump’s CIA boogeyman front group which he is using to push his fascist agendas.

And you dumb motherfucker Trump supporters are falling for COINTELPRO bullshit all over again, you ignorant dumb knuckle-dragging motherfucking idiots.


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