Will #Trump stage a military #coup to stave off #impeachment? #FEMAcamps #concentrationcamps #falseflag

My biggest fear is that Trump is so drunk with power that if his detractors succeed in getting Trump impeached, he could stage a military coup and strip Congress and the judicial system of their powers and be an absolute tyrant.

Perhaps Trump really will stage a false-flag event as an excuse to cancel impeachment proceedings and implement a military dictatorship.

Perhaps the so-called “FEMA camps” which Alex Jones warned about for so many years was actually Alex Jones saying “once a patriot gets in the White House, we’re gonna put the niggers and kikes in concentration camps because they’ve been teaming together to eradicate white people”. Maybe that’s why Alex Jones has bee ramping up the “anti-white racism” and “War on Whites” articles on Infowars.


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