Evidence of #Infowars fostering support for a #Trump-led military #coup. #AlexJones #FEMAcamps

Remember, the “FEMA camps” aren’t for the American people. They’re for Trump’s opponents.

Be warned. Trump will suspend his impeachment proceedings by staging a false-flag attack on American soil and executing “Order 66” on the black and Jewish establishment.

Trump really is the second coming of Adolf Hitler.

Alex Jones is drumming up support for a Trump-led military overthrow of government. That is treason. Alex Jones is a traitor.


Impeachment of Trump Could Lead To Mass Riots This Summer

The only reason Alex Jones attacks George Soros is because Soros is a Jew.

Soros Could Crash US Dollar by Pushing Trump Impeachment

Deep State / Mainstream Media Pushes Coup D’état Against Trump


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