#Zionist-controlled #Democrat #shills say “#globalist” is code for “the #joos”. #Jews #AntiSemitism #MSNBC

And remember, talking about Zionist false-flags – such as the Jewish Community Center bomb threat hoaxes as well as Kerri Dunn’s hate crime hoax – is also anti-semitic. According to the Zionist-controlled Democratic Party, we are to accept Zionist false flags carried out by leftist Jews as normal or just pretend they never happened.

And of course, Joe Scarborough has to be a cuck. Otherwise, that dead intern the globalists forced him to kill as his initiation into the NWO will come back to haunt him, and then he will end up going to prison or death row for killing her.

According to MSNBC, the terms ‘Globalist’ and ‘Cuck’ are now Racist and Anti-Semitic. They’re Trying to Police Speech because they are Losing the Meme War.


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