#Obesophobic #racist #white #MeMeRoth is a #falseflag agent of the #foodindustry. #BigFood #JordinSparks #Obesophobe #Obesophobia #WhiteRacist #WhiteRacists

When you say Jordin Sparks didn’t deserve to win American Idol because of her weight, you are a hateful piece of shit.

On MeMe’s blog, she claims she never called Jordin Sparks “fat” or “obese”:

Does it matter that I’ve never called Jordin Sparks those things? I challenge anyone to find any record where I’ve actually said it. Look high and low, but you won’t.

Yet you harped on and on and on and on about her weight. You did in fact make an issue of her weight. Obesophobes don’t have to directly use terms such as “fat” or “obese” to belittle heavy people.

Yes obesity is an unhealthy lifestyle, but so is anorexia and bulimia, and your hateful vitriol directed towards heavy people will only cause them to be depressed and lead to eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.

When you say fat people should be forced to pay more for airline tickets, you are a hateful piece of shit.

There are plenty of people who are on board with Singer’s idea, like MeMe Roth, the founder of National Action against Obesity, who has very strong opinions about the wide-ranging impact of obesity.

“I don’t want the person next to me on top of my seat, or coming underneath the armrest because I’ve paid for my whole seat,” she said. “It’s nothing personal against them.”

“Nothing personal”? You’re spewing thinly-veiled hate speech against fat people all the time, you miserable white twat.

When you say fat people should be banned from restaurants, you are a hateful piece of shit. Banning certain people from places…that just brings up mental images of segregation and signs which say “WHITES ONLY”.


Treating fat people like racist whites treated black people in the 1950s is beyond abhorrent.

So why does MeMe Roth act like a hateful racist twat?

It’s much more than racial bigotry against Jordin Sparks and body image bigotry.

What if I were to tell you that MeMe Roth is actually a double agent working for the food industry to discredit healthy eating advocates such as the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) and “Food Babe” Vani Hari as hateful bigots?

Just think about the earlier video about calling for fat people to be banned from restaurants. Who sat on the other side of the table in opposition to her? J. Justin Wilson from the Center for Consumer Freedom, a food industry front group.

Who stands to gain from MeMe Roth’s hateful vitriol? J. Justin Wilson and the Center for Consumer Freedom.

Who stands to lose from MeMe Roth’s hateful vitriol? The Center for Science in the Public Interest and Vani Hari. (Side note: I’m not defending CSPI’s ties to Monsanto and the Monsanto front group Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics. However, I will defend CSPI against food industry double agents such as MeMe Roth.)

When a grassroots campaign threatens the status quo, governments and/or corporations will send in false-flag agents to infiltrate the grassroots organizations in order to discredit the cause of the grassroots organizations. When obesity became a national issue, MeMe Roth suddenly popped up and started spewing her racist, obesophobic viewpoints

Most heavy people abuse food because they were physically and/or emotionally abused during the formative years of their childhoods. Shaming heavier people will not magically make them healthy and slim. Instead, it will send them further down the spiral of “comfort eating” and actually lead them to gain even more weight and cause diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, and cancer.

MeMe Roth is not a savior to heavier people. She has been sent by the food industry to cause heavier people to become more obese and unhealthy because they will keep buying and eating food.

The food industry and MeMe Roth – remember she is a former Madison Ave. advertising executive and worked for General Electric, the largest military contractor in the world – view the whole population as useless idiots, useless eaters, useless consumers, and useless livestock who are replaced when they outlive their usefulness to the corporations.

Do you hear MeMe Roth speaking out against GMOs? No. In fact, if you question why she doesn’t talk about GMOs, she will delete your comments and block you.

MeMe Roth is a false-flag agent of the food industry.


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