#GodLikeProductions uses lies and deception to make money. #scam #scams #fraud #DeceptiveAdvertising #GLP

If you try to sign up for a free account on GLP, it will say your account has been banned from viewing the website and will prompt you to upgrade to a paid account in order to circumvent the ban.

From RationalWiki.org:

There’s the running suspicion that the wide-ranging bans are used as a fundraising tool: paid accounts are exempted from the range blocks, and the ban message screen suggests getting one.

So why allow people to sign up for free and make them think they can view the content of your website for free, only to tell them they are banned unless they pay for a premium account?

Sorry, but you are using deceptive means and outright lies in order to make money.

Sorry, but you assclowns are not “god like”. You have more in common with the merchants and moneychangers in the Temple.

GLP: God Like Productions? No. More like TLC: Turd Like Charlatans.

EDIT July 22, 2017: I just thought of something. What would happen if you upgrade your account to a paid account and they decide to ban your IP address for shits and giggles? Will they immediately cancel your payments, or will they continue charging you for a paid account and not allow you on the site to cancel your paid account? Will they bleed your bank account dry?


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