Phony #PaleoDiet activist says anti-#GMO stances are rooted in #WhitePrivilege. #Racism #Racist #Racists #WhitePeople

Comment: This is how desperate the pro-GMO shills are. Now they are playing the race card and saying you are a racist white person if you’re against GMOs.

It’s safe to say Monsanto or some other Big Ag conglomerate funds Paleo Hacks.

Anti GMO stance an essentially racist white privileged stance?

Answered on January 22, 2015
Created April 30, 2014 at 2:35 PM


I am getting really sad that so many paleo people are spouting this anti GMO garbage, even on this site.

Things like golden rice and GMO’s are in desperate need to feed the thousands of starving (mostly people of colour) around the world and this pseudo scientific drivel is really damaging.

GMO’s could and are leading to the ending of the most horrific deaths possible, small children dying of starvation, something privileged people in the first world worry about eating grains and legumes for optimal health seem to so callously overlook in their trendy attempt to raise organic families and be “natural”

The campaign against GMO’s is causing lives, leasing to preventable diseases and deficiencies and ultimately pushing a objectively racist consequence, which is poor people of colour dying and living in horrific conditions unnecessarily.


on April 30, 2014
at 03:12 PM

I am not saying paleo is racist or not consuming grains is racist. I am saying being anti GMO is an objectively racist position because it says because i am scared by the psuedoscience anti GMO people have put out I will support anti GMO actions, and further set back GMO’s and the implementation of them on a large scale to end world starvation.

This does kill thousands every day. It directly leads to the continuing of starving black children in Africa and that is brushed aside by anti GMO idiots because in some insane what if scenario it might have some disastrous affect, which all major and respected scientists flat out refuse and debunk.


on April 30, 2014
at 02:57 PM


Because white people in the first world being apprehensive about GMO’s that they are not forced to consume, try to legislate against them, sabotaging and putting out pseudo scientific propaganda directly leads to GMO’s being blocked plans for GMO’s and the sustainability projects aiming to feed the starving people in need of GMO’s not being able to be brought to fruition etc.

The act of fighting against GMO’s is OBJECTIVELY racist as it leads to policies that kill black people.


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