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Animal-Rights Activist Hits Designer With Pie
AP , Associated Press
Oct. 2, 1996 11:29 PM ET

DALLAS (AP) _ Oscar de la Renta ended up wearing a pie Wednesday when he came here to show off “Oscar,” his new, lower-priced women’s collection.

An anti-fur activist yelling “Fur! Shame!” shoved a whipped-cream pie into the designer’s face during a charity fashion show at a Neiman Marcus store.

Police said Kelly Nichols, a 28-year-old member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, hid the pie in a shopping bag before hitting de la Renta with it.

Ms. Nichols was arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault, carrying a penalty of up to one year in jail and a $2,000 fine, police said.

De la Renta said he makes a line of furs that Neiman Marcus sells, but he makes a point of not using furs from endangered species.

Michael McGraw, a spokesman with PETA in Norfolk, Va. said that although de la Renta is a PETA target, Ms. Nichols acted independently of the animal-rights group.

The designer appeared to take it in stride. He changed suit coats and returned to a standing ovation, joking: “I didn’t like the taste of the cake.”


The truth is, Alex Jones’ ex-wife Kelly Jones is a violent leftist who worked for a phony animal rights group which donates money to domestic terrorist groups – the Animal Liberation Front (ALF)  and Earth Liberation Front (ELF) – as well as convicted domestic terrorists – Rod Coronado.

In fact, PETA also teams with Gary Yourofsky, a Jewish terrorist who has called for meat eaters to be raped and killed.

Has Alex Jones ever been arrested for physical assault? No.

Has Alex Jones ever been caught physically assaulting anybody? No.

Has Kelly Jones ever been caught physically assaulting anybody? Yes.

Has Kelly Jones ever been arrested for physical assault? Yes.

And what about that dead raccoon Kelly threw at Anna Wintour – another assault – while yelling “FUR HAG”? How do we know if Kelly killed the raccoon herself? After all, PETA puts on this mask of “compassion for animals” while they kill dogs and cats.

If Alex Jones wants to win custody of his children, all he has to do is point to Kelly’s past as an “attack dog” for a domestic terrorist front group. And Alex Jones can use his STRATFOR connections to dig up even more dirt by having STRATFOR hack into PETA’s email servers.

If Alex Jones brings up his ex-wife’s past as a violent left-wing extremist, he will win custody.


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