WWE bans hundreds of fans from live event for simply having cellphones.

Just got a report from a friend who was going to go to the WWE’s “Road to WrestleMania” SmackDown show in Charleston, WV that fans were being refused entry for simply having a camera phone.

The Charleston Civic Center Coliseum has a ban on fans bringing in professional recording equipment.

But WWE decided to extend the ban to ALL cameras, including digital pocket cameras and camera phones such as iPhones. Keep in mind that all cellphones sold these days – including flip phones – have cameras.

So according to WWE, if you had a medical emergency and had to get a hold of your family, or if one of your family members had a medical emergency and had to get a hold of you, well sorry about your damn luck.

I understand the need to protect your talent from crazy fans after the near-stabbing of Dean Ambrose back in 2015, but what’s an iPhone going to do to John Cena other than record him singing “Take Me Home Country Roads” at the end of the show? It’s not like somebody’s gonna sneak something inside their iPhone and try to stab Cena. After all, that’s why they have metal detectors at WWE events now, to prevent weapons from entering the arena.

The next time WWE comes to Charleston, WV, the hundreds of fans who were turned away by this police-state fascist bullshit should stage a silent sit-down protest right in front of the doors or in the Civic Center Coliseum lobby. After all, the First Amendment gives the people the right to peacefully assemble as a form of protest.

In addition,I think the fans who were turned away should reward the WWE for their police-state nonsense by cancelling their WWE Network memberships and boycott all WWE programming and internet content.

As a final message to the WWE, let me quote Benjamin Franklin: “Those who give up liberty for security deserve neither liberty nor security.”


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