Was #BlackLivesMatter a #GOP #FalseFlag to get #Trump elected? #Koch #KochBrothers #BLM

Found this:


I’m beginning to seriously believe that the BLM has been infiltrated by GOP operatives (Cointelpro-style) in order to portray the political left as radical lunatics. Because no clear-thinking people could possibly believe that the kind of stupid acts they’re committing could further ANY cause. They seem to be PURPOSELY trying to antagonize as many people as they possibly can AGAINST the cause that they profess to be promoting.
“Black Lives Matter” was the most brilliantly expressive slogan in support of respect for Black lives that could have ever been coined, but now, in just a couple of months, BLM has managed to transform it from a rallying cry for all those who believe in justice, to a phrase that only conjures up images of gross stupidity and ignorance whenever hundreds of thousands of people hear it.They inconvenienced one customer by forcing him to put his food back. He said he would, but he didn’t like it.
In this case, a security guard at a Whole Foods Store allegedly assaulted a Black man while he was attempting to use his EBT card. The article clearly indicates that “The security guard has been fired and her firm, Admiral Security, removed from the location. But that has not satisfied protesters, who as of 6:22 p.m. had succeeded in shutting the store down.”
What more could Whole Foods have done? It looks like BLM simply saw this incident as a convenient excuse to act like fools and grab a photo op. Something is very wrong here, and the left needs to get a handle on it – and fast!!!



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