#Trump the vulgar #Democrat #mole proves that #GOP primaries were rigged by #Hillary. #RIPGOP

Yet another Trump scandal has come out showing Trump to be a vile sexist pig.

With reports of Trump calling fat Miss Universe contestants “Miss Piggy” and Trump just being a vile disgusting sexist, is it any wonder why people such as myself view Trump as a mole planted by Hillary Clinton and/or the DNC in order to give Hillary Clinton an easy victory next month?

The nomination of that vulgar piece of shit Trump will not only give Hillary the presidency next month, but it will also ensure that no Republican ever sets foot inside the White House again except as an invited guest.

Or will there even be a Republican Party after this election? Will we see countless Republicans getting voted out of office in favour of Democrats, or will we see countless Republicans switch party affiliations and become Democrats or even Libertarians or Greens?

Hey Alex Jones, you’re gonna get that one-party dictatorship you’ve always warned about, and when we get it, it’s gonna be your fault because you are shilling for part of the psyop.


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