Did #DonaldTrump leak the audio himself to hand #Hillary the presidency? #Trump

This blog has exhaustively documented that Donald Trump is a false-flag candidate paid by the Democratic Party to infiltrate the Republican Party to not only give Hillary the presidency next month, but also to destroy the credibility of the GOP to the point where the GOP will eventually wither away and die.

If Trump were indeed a stooge paid by Hillary, then it would make logical sense for him to leak the audio himself in order to help his buddy Hillary.

Yet the infotards at Infowars.com reported me and got me banned for exposing the fact that Trump is indeed a Democrat mole and even quoting Infowars.com editor-in-chief Paul Joseph Watson in an article last year where even he said Trump was a ringer and was put in to give Hillary the presidency.

Donald Trump and Alex Jones will be death of not only the GOP, but also the so-called “alt media”. By this time next year, Mr. Watson will probably be working at the Daily Mail alongside his right-wing butt buddy David Martosko.


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