#Vegans shill for #Hillary despite fact Hillary received more #BigAg funding than #Trump. #VegNews #Monsanto

Comment: Any “vegan” who shills for a pro-Monsanto, pro-GMO liberal Democrat who receives campaign contributions from Big Ag is no vegan. They are a phony and a fraud because Monsanto is the biggest animal-killing corporation this world has ever seen. You fake vegans deserve to die of cancer from eating GMO crap.

You vegan idiots are what you eat. You are shit because you eat GMO shit. Fuck you all, and fucking kill yourselves.

VegNews is nothing but a group of pseudo-intellectual fake vegans who don’t understand the real meaning of veganism. See, when a person decides to eat meat, they trigger the idiot vegan social justice warriors who throw meaningless words such as “vegaphobe” and “speciesist” which do nothing but ramp up the drive towards Zionist thoughtcrime laws. But when a trillion-dollar corporation kills animals, well “big fucking deal” so say the idiot vegan social justice warriors.

Meat and Dairy Industries Favor Trump Over Clinton

At least one informed vegan can see the deceitfulness from VegNews:

Mary Finelli Vasa Mitić It does appear that way, at least by the promo, but if you click on the article the last line is: “Despite funds donated by the animal agriculture industry to the Trump campaign, in August 2016, Clinton collected a total of $446,227 from agribusiness contributions while Trump drew in $350,205.”


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