The reason why #Trump won the #GOP nomination. #Hillary #GaryJohnson #JillStein #CynthiaMcKinney

The only reason why Trump got the nomination was so the media could dig up all the skeletons in his closet – Miss Piggy, his ambiguity on his support or lack thereof for the Iraq War, etc. – so that his whole candidacy would be so discredited that Hillary will get an easy victory in November.

The only truth Trump is telling you is the fact that the election is rigged. He should know, because he is part of the election rigging himself.

Donald Trump is a mole planted by the DNC in order to discredit and destroy the GOP to the point where the GOP will eventually wither away and die and leave the Democratic Party as the only major political party left in America.

The Libertarian Party will never be taken seriously when Gary Johnson who doesn’t know what Aleppo is.

The Green Party will never be taken seriously when it keeps nominating 9/11 truthers such as Jill Stein and Cynthia McKinney.

(Hey Daily Kos, Alex Jones is a Zionist shill, you idiots.)

The destruction of the GOP and the holding down of fringe political parties will result in a true one-party dictatorial system.

Donald Trump, Cynthia McKinney, Gary Johnson, and Jill Stein are being used to form the coming Democratic Party one-party dictatorship.


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