WARNING! #AlexJones #InfowarsLive app requires #iOS device with fingerprint reader!


This app is incompatible with iPhone 5/5S/5C and earlier iPhones. I tried installing on an iPhone 5C running iOS 10, and it will not install. It says “this app is incompatible with your device”.

I installed this app on my iPad Air 2 which indeed has a fingerprint reader.

The fact that this app requires an iOS device with a biometric fingerprint reader is VERY troubling and reaffirms my belief that Alex Jones is a CIA agent and that this app is a CIA/FBU/DHS honeypot.

And here’s another interesting fact. One of the earlier versions of this app was numbered 1.0.2322. Look at the last three numbers in that version number. 322. As in “Skull & Bones”. It’s as if Alex Jones is throwing it in your face that he is a CIA agent.


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