#Zionist shill #ChescaLeigh defends #PETA using #Jewish-created #antisemitic propaganda. #AlexJones

When Jews create anti-semitic propaganda, it is routinely defended as “free speech” by Zionist leftist social justice warriors such as Franchesca Ramsey.

When PETA openly equates fried chickens with executed Jews, it is championed by Francesca the social justice twat.

But when somebody like me equates PETA’s mass execution of adoptable dogs and cats in their gas chambers with the Nazis’ mass execution of innocent Jews in the Auschwitz gas chambers, they are smeared and defamed by social justice bimbos and falsely labelled “anti-semite”.

No Francesca, YOU are the anti-semite. Fuck you, Jew hater.

The only reason Alex Jones gives you any attention is because you and Alex Jones are fellow Zionists, and your phony feud is nothing but a Zionist circle-jerk.

Even Alex Jones has blocked/banned me for equating PETA’s killing of animals with the Nazis’ killing of Jews. Why does Alex Jones the Zionist shill defend PETA the Zionist front operation? Because his wife is a Zionist and was a chief lieutenant at PETA’s animal killing operation. No, Alex Jones wants to promote ridiculous conspiracy theories of Ingrid Newark and Bruce Friedrich “eating Wendy’s double beef burgers behind closed doors” – which has been debunked by Heather Harper-Troje – in order to discredit any opposition to PETA as “tin foil hat conspiracy theory”.

Go fuck yourselves, you Zionist shills.


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