#Hillary’s #sockpuppet #Trump owns stock in #Monsanto. #GMO


1. Monsanto
Maybe the biggest surprise is that Trump holds between $15,001 and $50,000 worth of Monsanto (NYSE:MON) stock in one of his two wealth management accounts with Deutsche Bank. According to a Nielsen poll conducted in 2014 of 60 high-profile companies, Monsanto ranked as the third most hated, behind only BP, which is the company responsible for the worst oil spill in history, and Bank of America, one of the main faces of the mortgage meltdown.

Consumers despise Monsanto for using its genetic prowess to modify and protect crops to improve yield. This might involve the use of pesticides, or the literal genetic modification of seeds to improve yield. The concern among some of the public is that genetically modified organisms may be contributing to a number of adverse health consequences. Monsanto’s GMO’s and its Roundup herbicide have, in certain studies per NaturalSociety.com, been linked to infertility and birth defects. Adding icing on the cake, Monsanto has also lobbied hard to keep labels off products that are genetically modified.


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