#Infowars blocks me for exposing #Trump as #Democrat mole. #AlexJones #Trumptards #Infotards #TrumpForPrison #HillaryForPrison

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later.

I have exposed Alex Jones as CIA fake opposition for supporting Trump the Democrat operative. (I mean, what better way to discredit the Republican Party by having a cheerleaders who promotes conspiracy theories concerning 9/11, Obama’s birth certificate, Columbine, and Sandy Hook?)

I have posted the evidence on Infowars about Trump’s donations to Democrats such as Harry Reid and Charlie Rangel. The evidence about Trump being a Democrat operative are undeniable.

So what do I get for exposing Alex Jones’ bitch Donald Trump’s candidacy as a Democrat operation?

I get blocked from commenting on Infowars.

Fuck you Alex Jones, you CIA/Mossad Zionist piece of shit.


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