#Infotards attack me for exposing #AlexJones as #CIA fake opposition.

This attack against me started because I questioned Billy Corgan’s credibility for being employed by TNA Wrestling because its owner Robert W. Carter is a Big Oil tycoon who uses to do joint business ventures with Monsanto. See, the Infotards don’t like it when their lord and saviours – especially Alex Jones and Billy Corgan – are linked to the Monsanto crime syndicate.

Face it, Infotards. Alex Jones and Billy Corgan are whores for Monsanto. Why else would Billy Corgan take a job from a man once connected to Monsanto (once your’re Monsanto you’re Monsanto for life), and why else would Alex Jones invite a spokesperson from a Monsanto-funded front group to telling blatant lies about PETA – “close the door, we have double beef burgers” – in order to discredit PETA’s critics as liars and shills?

Here’s the debate:


Me: Well, Billy does work for TNA Wrestling, and the principal owner of the company – Robert W. Carter – did joint business ventures with Monsanto in the 1970s and 1980s. That’s something you’ll never hear from Alex CIA Jones and Billy Corgan.

Them: “Well, Billy does work for TNA Wrestling, and the principal owner of the company – Robert W. Carter – did joint business ventures with Monsanto in the 1970s and 1980s.”

Your base point is Billy here.. not Carter.. (My comment: You ever heard of “guilt by association”, idiot? You infotards love to play the “guilt by association” card against liberals who are in bed with Monsanto, so take a dose of your own medicine.)

So linking something about Carter here, whether factual or not still is irrelevant to your whole initial claim, linking Corgan through it all (which your worthless link simply does not do)

Me: The point I was making – even Stevie Wonder could see this – is that Billy Corgan is taking a paycheck from a man who was – and probably still is – in bed with Monsanto.

Them: Which you FAILED to prove… And I pointed out, YET AGAIN.

Me: Here is a partial, alphabetical list of major companies involved in drilling,
production, refining, marketing, delivery, sale of petroleum in the
United States:

Amerada Hess Corporation
Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
Apache Corporation
Burlington Resources
British Petroleum Amoco, now BP
Cherokee Oil and Gas
Chevron Corporation
Devon Energy
Ergon (US)
Frontier Oil
Getty Oil
Gulf Oil
Hornbeck Offshore Services
Koch Industries
Marathon Petroleum Company
Occidental Petroleum
Panda Energy International
Paramount Petroleum

Petroleum Geo-Services
Pilot Corporation
Pilot Travel Centers
Ridgeway Petroleum Corporation
Royal Dutch Shell
STP (motor oil company)
Shamrock Oil
Sinclair Oil
Speedway SuperAmerica
Starvin’ Marvin’s (no joke)
Union 76
Unocal Corporation
Williams Companies, Inc.

Panda Energy – the parent company of TNA Wrestling which Billy Corgan works for – causes global warming.

Them: You STILL haven’t proven ANY connection of Corgan to these companies or actions. Even so,

Not to mention your consistent lies, you had your time to prove, and you FAILED..

All your doing now is throwing amusing hissy fits cos you lost.. NONE of your words holds any value at this point.. so keep crying all you like. it means nothing now. (My comment: Actually it’s you who is throwing the hissy fit because YOU lost the debate. Why do you keep defending the indefendable?)

Me: I could just say you’re a shill for Panda Energy and TNA Wrestling, but that would be an insult to the REAL shills for Panda Energy and TNA Wrestling.

Them: Say what you want, your words have ZERO value.. you’ve been proven a shill and troll.. now go play in traffic or something, we’re tired of your crying for attention. (My comment: Telling the truth is not trolling. Who are you to decide what is and isn’t truth? Here you are practicing the same Orwellian doublethink you accuse the corporate/government media of practicing. Just another hypocritical infotard.

Me: Oh and while we’re at it, Alex Jones is a paid Monsanto shill. Why else would he invite another paid Monsanto shill – David Martosko – to talk about PETA? Why? Because Martosko worked for the Center for Consumer Freedom which took money from Monsanto. This is the same David Martosko who posed as an animal rights activist on Facebook and tried to incite violence on Stop Humanewatch – a pro-HSUS/anti-HumaneWatch page on Facebook – so animal rights activists could be declared to be violent extremists. Martosko used the face Facebook account “Preston G. Davis” to try to incite violence from people like John Doppler Schiff.

I hate PETA, but when paid shills such as David Martosko and Alex Jones talk about PETA killing animals, it discredits real people such as Heather Harper Troje who saw first hand that PETA really does kill animals. That’s why Alex Jones will never invite Heather Harper Troje to talk about PETA killing animals. Because she knows his anti-PETA viewpoints – especially his baseless claim of his wife seeing Bruce Friedrich eating “Wendy’s double beef burgers and rolling around on his desk laughing like a maniac” – is nothing but bullcrap.

Alex Jones is a paid liar and a paid shill. And you know what, asshole? For you to support Jones, that makes YOU a paid liar and a paid shill.

Oh and let’s not forget the best for last. Remember that “Yes On 37” crap that Jones shilled for? That was a psyop run by Monsanto. Alex Jones was shilling for a Monsanto psyop. Alex Judas Jones is a paid Monsanto whore, and you’re a whore for Monsanto as well.

Screw all you Monsanto shills.

Them: Your lies hold no weight anymore, you more than had your FAIR opportunity to have your say and earn credibility. You failed gloriously.

Me: Oh and here’s the proof of Martosko being a corporate agent provocateur. In your face, bitch.


Them: Sorry, your words already hold no currency..

You don’t get to take back a credibility you’ve already lost.. (My comment: Once again, you prove that it is YOU who has lost the debate judging by your hateful vitriol.)

No one’s interested in your fraudulent links or lies son.

Me: So Mother Jones and a sworn court deposition are lies, huh? You infotards are a rare breed.

Me: Actual quote from Alex Jones from the May 6, 2009 broadcast about PETA:

“Close the door, we have double beef burgers.”

Alex Jones tried to insinuate that PETA execs such as Ingrid Newkirk and Bruce Friedrich were eating “double beef burgers” in their offices. I asked Heather Harper-Troje – a former PETA worker who was personally fired by Ingrid Newkirk for opposing PETA’s “kill first” agenda – if there was any truth about that, and she said no because PETA does not allow non-vegan foods on the property. So are you calling Heather Harper-Troje a liar too? If so, go to http://mom2nomads.wordpress.co… and tell her to her face, you cowardly keyboard warrior.

I expect my Infowars commenting account to get blocked any time soon. Alex Jones is a  CIA asset, and anything which threatens to expose that has to be silenced and censored and attacked as “shilling” and “trolling”. You can’t get more Orwellian than REAL shills/trolls accusing others of being shills and trolls for stating fact.


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