Was the #YoungTurks/#AlexJones confrontation a #Trump #psyop? #TheYoungTrumps

I was watching this video of the confrontation between Alex Jones and The Young Turks:

Watching the video, it is clear that Jones was not invited to appear on The Young Turks, and they had every right to ask him to leave.

But when Ana Kasparian called Jones a “fat fuck” and Jimmy Dore spat in Jones’ face, it just drum up sympathy for Alex Jones and made liberals look hateful and mean-spirited.

Or were The Young and Alex Jones working together to present a psyop to paint all progressives as hareful, mean-spirited assholes?

Will Donald Trump and his supporters use this incident to drum up sympathy for conservatives and resentment towards liberal progressives?

Look at the recent shootings of police officers by Black Lives Matter supporters. Could Black Lives Matter be a Donald Trump false-flag operation designed to drum up enough sympathy for him and get him in the White House?


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