Coming out of the #vegan closet. #MyComingOutStory #veganism #PETA #HSUS

It’s time to stop hiding and accept the truth of what I am.

I am a vegan.

I eat no meat, consume no eggs, and consume no dairy.

For the last several years, I have been practicing veganism for health reasons. I eat healthy at work. My co-workers make jokes about my food choices and ask me if I’m one of those “hippie tree-hugging vegans.” I always laughed them off and made snide jokes about vegans…while I was secretly one of them.

I have also used this blog to carry on the aforementioned stereotypes of vegans.

I have been fooling myself for the last several years.

What made me decide to come out of the vegan closet?

Because of douchebags such as PETA, HSUS, the Unnatural Vegan, Freelee The Banana Girl, Durianrider, and Vegan GMO.

I am tired of these idiots making veganism look bad with not only their hateful comments directed towards meat eaters (I was raised to hate NOBODY), but also with their embracement of GMO foods and their ridiculing of anti-GMO activists and claiming that anti-GMO activists are bastardizing the vegan movement when it’s actually hateful, hypocritical scumbags like PETA, HSUS, Freelee, Durianrider, Unnatural Vegan, and Vegan GMO who are bastardizing and discrediting the vegan movement.

Sometimes I wonder if PETA, HSUS, Freelee The Banana Girl, Durianrider, Vegan GMO, and the Unnatural Vegan are paid by the meat industry to make veganism look like a haven of crazy, hateful extremists.

I am coming out of the vegan closet to tell these assholes to stop making veganism look bad.


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