#FeelTheBern: #Bernie sells his soul to #Hitlery. #BernieIsACuck #HillaryForPrison

The Bernie Revolution is over because he has endorsed Hillary. Some Bernie supporters were so disappointed that they booed Bernie and even walked out.

Still yet, don’t worry Hillary supporters. Your darling war criminal slash Monsanto shill – which makes you all Monsanto shills by association, including you Bernie – has already been selected by the Bilderberg ruling class to be the next Commander-in-Chief, and Trump the Hillary operative will deliberately act like a retard in order to totally discredit his candidacy  and destroy the reputation of the GOP beyond all repair so Hillary will win in the biggest landslide since Reagan’s 1984 landslide win over Mondale.

And if the Bilderberg ruling class thinks Trump actually has a chance of winning and threatens their plans, they will either stage a false-flag assassination on Trump or use the white-run Black Lives Matter to stage false-flag assassinations of more cops and start a massive race war so Obama can declare nationwide martial law and suspend the elections and essentially become dictator for life.


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