#BLM: Is #BlackLivesMatter a #white #GOP-run #falseflag to get #Trump elected?

Look at how similar the violent BLM protests resemble the violent protests from the 1968 Democratic National Convention.

The violent 1968 DNC riot was a major factor in the election of Nixon.

Could the violent BLM protests be used to discredit the Democratic Party and far-left activism and get Trump elected? And would Trump use the violent BLM protests as a pretext to use the USA PATRIOT Act against far-left groups such as BLM or even PETA?

Or could BLM actually be a false-flag group run by white Republican operatives to discredit leftists and Democrats much like how Republican operative David Martosko attempted with animal activists on Facebook?

I’m starting to think white Republicans run BLM in an attempt to get Trump elected.


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