@PrisonPlanetLive: “#Trump is a #Hillary stooge.” #TrumpFoprPison #HillaryForPrison

Actual quote from Paul Joseph Watson, as taken from here:

Donald Trump is a stooge for Hillary Clinton. He’s a plant. He’s a ringer to sink the chances of Republican candidates who actually have a chance of defeating Hillary.

No, Paul, the Republican primaries were rigged in favour of Trump so that he would get the nomination and practically hand Hillary a landslide victory in November.

Stop your gushing over Trump, you idiot. You are an MI6 agent, and Alex Jones is a CIA agent, are you two are paid to distract from the fact that Trump is a Hillary agent sent in to give her a landslide victory and to destroy the GOP.

Glenn Beck was right. There will never again be a Republican president. Why? Because Trump and Clinton teamed up to make sure of that.

Fuck both of you, Paul Joseph Watson and Alexander Emerick Jones. Get AIDS and die, assholes.


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