#Liberal #extremist #LeonardoDiCaprio pushes for #ReligiousTyranny. #Hinduism #Veganism

Comment: More proof that organized religion is a tool of fascists and co-opted by their political allies to impose the will of fascist globalists on the population.

Remember, when the Supreme Court of the United States rules that veganism is a religion and that vegans are a “protexted minority class” covered under federal civil rights laws and federal hate crime laws and they immediately call for meat eating to be banned and take Bible/Quran quotes out of context to impose their faacist will on American citizens, you will be labelled a hate criminal for calling their fascists or tyrants.

It will not be long before it will be considered a hate crime to criticize vegans and animal rights activists for ANY reason.

Leonardo DiCaprio to Rally for Beef Ban

Actor partners with Hindu group to raise awareness of beef’s environmental and ethical issues.

On Friday, actor Leonardo DiCaprio will join anti-beef Hindu group Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) at the group’s 50th anniversary celebration in the United Kingdom. DiCaprio—along with Virgin Airlines owner Sir Richard Branson and English broadcaster Sir David Attenborough—has chosen to attend the event in hopes of using his star power to raise awareness of RSS’ proposed beef ban. While the motivation for the beef ban for the Hindu group is religious, DiCaprio joined the movement to connect beef consumption with environmental and ethical issues. The actor—who is rumored to be vegan—previously lent his fame to shed light on the horrors of animal poaching, arranged a vegan menu and dessert bar at this year’s official Oscar after-party, and executive produced vegan documentary Cowspiracy.



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