#mainstreammedia propping up #black #vegans to discredit opposition to #veganism as #racism

Here are some examples of the mainstream media propping up black vegans as a psyop to associate opposition to veganism with racism:

Vegetarianism: A Black Choice

Vegans Tracye McQuirter, Bryant Terry and Dr. A. Breeze Harper discuss all the hows and whys of many African-Americans switching to veganism

Loiseau is part of a growing number of Black vegans in recent years who are eschewing the standard American diet and dispelling not only the prevailing myth that veganism is an affluent White practice, but also debunking stereotypes of African-American cuisine. While Black vegans have long existed (despite the image the media has long peddled), today high-profile celebrities are shining a bright spotlight on this healthy lifestyle and inspiring people of color to be more conscious about their food choices.

| 02/01/2014 | Rep

Afya Ibomu is a vegan. She is one of a relatively small, but growing, number of African-Americans who have given up animal-based food products.

black vegansHer decision to convert to veganism was motivated by poor health; she suffered from asthma, allergies, irritable bowel syndrome, and chronic dehydration as a child. “I became a vegetarian at age 15,” says Ibomu. “My health improved somewhat, but it did not completely get better until I became a vegan.”

Are more African Americans embracing veganism?

In fact, despite African-Americans traditionally being known as meat eaters, a number of black A-list celebrities have become advocates of the vegan lifestyle, including the likes of Erykah Badu, Tia Mowry, Russell Simmons and Mike Tyson.


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