#EU to force #Apple to limit volume levels on #iPhone and #iPod? #iOS

Comment: So what if the government tells Apple to create an iOS update which will
make the EU volume limit automatically enabled and make it impossible to disable it? Apple wants to make money. If the EU tells Apple “either make it impossible to disable the EU volume limit or we’ll ban the iPhone in the EU”, then Apple will comply and say “yes, mastuh”.

If Apple making money means they have to give in to the demands of the EU and be the EU’s bitch, then Apple’s gonna do as the EU says. The Apple board of directors’ primary responsibility is to the shareholders, not the consumers. If the Apple board of directors refuses to comply and gets the boot in the EU, Soros can use his shareholder status to demand a shareholders’ meeting which could be used to give the Apple board – including the CEO, COO, and CFO – a vote of “no confidence” and demand their resignations and replacements.

Apple’s gonna do what the EU says, and if the EU tells Apple to make EU volume limits automatically enabled and impossible to disable, then Apple’s gonna release an iOS update for that exact purpose while saying “yes, mastuh”.

Won’t be long before they force the following:

* All streaming video to be streamed at 1080p or 4K so the sheeple will easily go over their monthly bandwidth limits so their ISPs can charge them huge overuse fees.

* All encryption tools banned in consumer devices including desktop Linux OSes such as Ubuntu. (No more ability to encrypt your home folder.) Or any OS not made by Microsoft, Apple, or Google will be banned.

* Mandatory BMI screenings of all citizens. If your children have unacceptable BMI scores, your children will be seized by social service workers, and your refrigerator will be inspected and if you have any foods which the state claims causes obesity (meat, eggs, whole fat cheese, and whole fat milk), you will be arrested for child abuse.

* High fat meat, whole fat cheese, and whole fat milk will be used by the state as a pretext to ban the consumption of all meat, eggs, cheese, and milk, essentially making veganism the law of the land. (This will be implemented incrementally. First it will be a hate crime to consume animal foods in the presence of ethical vegans, then the state will just say that the consumption of animal foods and pet ownership is a hate crime against ethical vegans and animals.)

The EU is destined to be an authoritorian police state. You will worship Big Brother (the EU). You will eat your GMO tofu soup like they did in Orwell’s 1984 and enjoy it. Or you will be labelled a thought criminal and shipped off to Room 101 to be re-educated via torture.

And the same will happen in America.


The EU Even Tries to Control the Volume at Which We Listen to Music

Joyless Brussels bureaucracy regulates every aspect of our lives


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