#FalseFlag #assassination to be staged at #2016DNC to destroy #SecondAmendment. #Hillary

Comments: If there is a false-flag assassination attempt on Hillary, they will produce a patsy and claim that they are a “disgruntled Bernie supporter who vowed to vote for Trump if Hillary got the nomination” in order to not only destroy the credibility of Bernie and Trump, but to practically give Hillary an easy victory in November, perhaps besting Reagan’s 1984 landslide victory over Walter Mondale.

If this is the case, Hillary will use the staged crisis as a pretext to get states behind a repeal of the Second Amendment with the reasoning “vote to repeal the Second Amendment, or we’ll stage false-flag assassinations on your governors” in order to get the states to support repealing the Second Amendment.

On the other hand, if there is a successful false-flag assassination of Hillary, it could be used by Obama to suspend the elections and declare a national emergency and activate FEMA and Rex84. End result? Obama is officially a dictator, and America is officially a police state, with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights suspended in favor of a military police state.

Crisis Actors Sought for Military Drill in Bernie Hometown During DNC

Dates of military drill overlap timing of Democrat National Convention


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