#OrlandoShooting #FalseFlag: #OmarMateen was a registered #Democrat.

Comment: As with the Fort Hood shooter and the Aurora shooter, the Orlando shooter has been revealed to be a Democrat.

This shooting was clearly a false flag terrorist act carried out by Obama operatives or Clinton operatives as a pretext to further erode the Constitution and the Bill or Rights. Be prepared for the further evisceration of the Fourth Amendment – via expanded PATRIOT Act powers to snoop your phone calls, online browsing activities, and emails without a warrant – as well as the First Amendment – via the de facto criminalization of hate speech against LGBTs and surveillance of ALL Muslims and ALL Christians because of the actions of a few radicals – and the Second Amendment – via gun confiscations.

Orlando Shooting Suspect Identified As Omar Mateen, Registered Democrat Of Afghan Descent With Firearm License




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