Is #HillaryClinton the #WCW of the #2016election? #WorldChampionshipWrestling

Comment: The last major entity that tried to “reboot” itself in order to save itself from collapse was World Championship Wrestling, but it didn’t address the issue of the “inmates running the asylum”. WCW was notorious for the talent having boocoo creative control and playing their “creative control card” to override decisions made by top WCW management. This allowed aging has-beens such as Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash to keep their “spots” and keep the younger talent down. The “reboot” not only did not bring old fans back, it also drove even more fans away from their product and either towards WWF/WWE or away from pro wrestling altogether. By the time WCW was sold to WWE, house show attendace records were dismal (some house shows not drawing even 1,000 fans), WCW PPV buys were down dramatically, and attendance records for live televised WCW events – including PPVs – were so dismal that entire sections had to be blocked off with curtains and the cameramen and production team had to carefully shoot at angles and pump in crowd noise over the PA system to give the impression that the arenas were filled to capacity. (The final WCW PPV – WCW Greed – had an attendance of 5,030 at the Jacksonville Memorial Coliseum which has a seating capacity of 10,276. The previous PPV – WCW SuperBrawl Revenge – has an attendance of 4,395 at the Nashville Memorial Auditorium which had a maximum capacity of 9,700 at the time.

Hillary Clinton is the WCW of 2016. I think the elite has already selected Donald Trump. Why else would Trump sell out to war criminal Henry Kissinger?

Hillary ‘Resets’ Campaign Again, Unveils ‘Stronger Together’ Slogan


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