#Ubuntu Is Evil: #Canonical founder belongs to #ClubOfRome, Canonical CEO is former VP of defense contractor who spied on anti-war activists.

Mark Shuttleworth: Club Of Rome member, globalist/NWO scum



The Club of Rome and UNESCO in Partnership with WorldSpace have
the honor to announce their joint activity program at WSIS in Tunis.
Presentation and discussion on the topic
ICT for Capacity-Building: Critical
Success Factors.
Results and recommendations of the World Conference,
jointly organized by the Club of Rome and UNESCO, held in Paris at UNESCO
in May 2005. Introduction to the Proceedings and DVD of the joint Conference.
Perspectives of New Technologies.
Chairs: Raoul Weiler, Roland A. Burger
  • Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu Foundation
  • Ashok Jhunjhunwala, Indian Insitute of Technology
  • Sohair Wastawy, Library of Alexandria
  • Magdy El-Hussainy ReDSOFT
  • Osama Manzar, Digital Empowerment Foundation
  • Jan Stoop, Newtec
  • Robert Guerra, Privaterra
Bridging the digital divide requires extensive training of the teachers and
embedding the applications in local languages and practices. Installing hard-
ware is not enough for success; partnership between local authorities, NGOs
and trainers are essential for success.
Reducing the divide will be strongly enhanced through cost reduction on
investment and ownership of infrastructure for: satellite radio communica-
tion; cell phone devices with very low connection costs; laptops such as the
US$ 100 PC of the MIT Media Lab.
Jane Silber: Part of the military industrial complex. Worked for a defense contractor who was paid $10 million by the Bush Adminstration to set up pro-war propaganda websites and to spy on anti-war activists. Globalist/NWO scum.
Her previous roles include Vice President of Interactive Television Company and Vice President of General Dynamics C4 Systems.

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