Is #BreedSpecificLegislation a form of #speciesism? #BSL

Some pit bull fanciers out there seem to think that PETA is “against” pit bulls because we don’t oppose breed-specific measures to address what is obviously a breed-specific crisis. Au contraire. If someone proposed a ban on breeding Labrador retrievers or Chihuahuas or poodles (you get the picture – any dog), we’d be for those too. That’s because we don’t think any dogs should be brought into the world as long as millions are dying for lack of homes in animal shelters and on the streets every year.

News flash, PETA. Not all purebreds come from puppy mills.

What if somebody proposed a law which said “black men and black women aren’t allowed to have sex with each other and procreate so we can eliminate pure black people”? It would be decried as racist.

So how is legislation banning the breeding of pit bulls any different from a law banning the breeding of black people? (And before you whiny SJW libtards even say anything, no I am not equating black people with pit bulls, so shut the fuck up already.)

It isn’t.

Breed specific legislation is speciesism. PETA is speciesist.


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